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Crystal Kung Minkoff, the first Asian housewife of 'RHOBH', says she 'won't shy away' from discussing race

'Racism is a systemic problem. It’s a collective problem and it should be resolved in a collective way,' explains Crystal
Crystal Kung Minkoff and Rob Minkoff (Getty Images)
Crystal Kung Minkoff and Rob Minkoff (Getty Images)

After introducing the first Black housewife on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' last season, the showrunners are continuing to focus on diversity and inclusion by roping in the first Asian housewife for Season 11 of the hit Bravo show.

If you watched the trailer of the show then you would have definitely noticed Crystal Kung Minkoff making waves amongst the housewives. Although this might be the housewife's debut season, she definitely isn't holding back from serving some piping hot drama. The trailer of 'RHOBH' features Sutton and Crystal getting into an explosive fight over racism which ends with Crystal smugly grinning as her co-star angrily storms off. While we don't have all the details about what caused friction between the ladies, we however do have some interesting information about the new housewife who as it turns out is a very fascinating woman. Read on to know all about Crystal.


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Who is Crystal Kung Minkoff?

In case you're wondering who Crystal is and how she managed to earn the coveted 'RHOBH' diamond, then read on. As you might have already guessed Crystal is no stranger to the 90210 zip code. The housewife is reportedly very popular in the Beverly Hills social scene and is close friends with Kathy Hilton (Kyle Richards' sister). Interestingly Kathy too will be joining 'RHOBH' as the friend of housewives. So, Crystal already has two friends on her team — sisters Kathy and Kyle, so the housewife hopefully need not worry about feeling lonely while filming the reality show.

Believes in Asian representation

A source close to Crystal reportedly told ET that although she wasn't a reality TV person, Crystal was still "very excited" to be cast on 'RHOBH' because "she feels that Asians need more representation on TV." The source continued, "This was an opportunity that came to her and she felt a strong responsibility to pursue it. Not only does Crystal want to highlight the diversity of those living in Beverly Hills, but she also wants to convey that one can be down to earth and live a simpler life in Beverly Hills as well."

In an interview with The Wrap, the new housewife shared her thoughts on race and racism. "Racism is a systemic problem. It’s a collective problem and it should be resolved in a collective way. To move the needle, it has to be done sort of gently; I think people get scared to talk about things and so they get defensive. My point of view is really to just share my stories, and my parties and my culture and food. And, you know, if the conversation comes up, I never shy away from it.”


Descendant of Confucius

While it's no secret that the ladies who are cast on 'Real Housewives' belong to some of the most influential families, Crystal, too, has a very rich ancestry. The new housewife is the 76th descendant of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius. In an Instagram post from 2019, Crystal shared a picture of her family and herself alongside the statue of the ancient philosopher. She wrote, "though there was plenty of sad moments while here in Qufu, we spent much of the time sightseeing the sacred town that my dad grew up in and diving deeper into understanding the teachings of my ancestor, Confucius."

"We visited The Kong Family Mansion which is a historical residence of his direct descendants dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties. I have visited here before, but this week was extra special and had much more meaning this time around. I imagined my Dad as a young boy running through the buildings knowing that he had a familial and very special relationship to these relics. That his ancestors for 75 generations told their sons about their grandfather, Confucius. And that, his legacy will live through him. The entire town has modernized, and my Dad wouldn’t have even recognized his hometown. But he would have been proud to see us all there together as a family. It’s been a quick but unforgettable trip and I have left a huge piece of my heart here in Qufu. #ConfuciusIsMyHomie #SorryAboutMyUglyHair #LeftMyCurlingIronInBeijing #FromNowOnItsCrystalSay," she added.


Married to Rob Minkoff

The Beverly Hills housewives are married to some of the most successful men in the country, Crystal too checks the box when it comes to having a famous partner. The new housewife is married to director Rob Minkoff, the critically-acclaimed director of Disney's hit 'The Lion King'. The couple reportedly met at a party in 2003, and attended the premiere of 'Finding Nemo' for their first date. The couple are happily married with two beautiful children.


If you too can't wait to watch all the fabulousness that Crystal will be bringing to 'RHOBH' then you might want to check out the upcoming season of 'RHOBH'. 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' is all set to premiere on May 19 at 8/7c only on Bravo.