Crotchless trousers are supposedly the fashion rage right now, but there's only one question you need to ask

In the past, celebrities like Demi Lovato and Rita Ora have also sported the look for some of their public appearances

                            Crotchless trousers are supposedly the fashion rage right now, but there's only one question you need to ask
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For all those aware of websites like Fashion Nova the online retailer is quite famous for having a collection of clothes that are extremely 'out there' and considered to be highly 'in-your-face.' And now, the online retailing business has come out with one of its raunchiest collections yet, which incidentally features something people are describing as 'crotchless trousers.'

On the website, a lot of users have found that the online store has been heavily advertising a pair of crotchless trousers, for which you really have to be brave even if you want to try them on to see. And even though a lot of shoppers did like the brand new apparel, quite a few others seemed to think that the trousers were just a tad bit too revealing to be worn in public.

One fashion fan remarked, “Who in their right mind would wear this?”, while another said, “I thought this was lingerie. Ew.” A third added, “I’m choking. Only place for that is the strip club! Ridiculous.”

However, the trend is not limited to just Fashion Nova alone. Another retailer called ASOS has been found to be selling these crotchless jeans, which are literally held together by little more than an oversized chain. The ridiculous pants are being made by British brand 'The Ragged Priest' and have a price tag of £75, amounting to around $146 on ASOS.

The images of these crotchless pants have gone absolutely viral all over the internet, and they've caused quite the stir. “ASOS are pure taking the piss now,” wrote one user. “Ragged Priest, u ok hun?” teased another.

But a lot of shoppers had a different issue with the pieces of denim strapped together that the company is passing off as 'pants'. Quite a few shoppers even expressed their concern about the high price range of the trousers which comes with a lack of material in a rather crucial area of the body.

“£75 to get your foof out on ASOS. Like. Wtf is this mess,” wrote one person on Twitter. “ASOS need to go back to the good old days... can pick up jeans for a tenner, smart shirt was like £5 and all the clothes were top top quality and fit well,” added another.

But this is not the only bizarre clothing trend that has been doing the rounds of the internet for a while now. A lot of online retailers have also been floundering off some pretty bizarre leggings and thong shorts for a while now, something that people again are finding hard to digest.