Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4: Dr Spencer Reid meets his new love interest Maxine

In the sweet trailer, Spencer Reid runs into Maxine at the park and she thinks he's a creep at first

                            Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4: Dr Spencer Reid meets his new love interest Maxine
Matthew Gray Gubbler as Dr Spencer Reid (CBS)

Spoiler alert for 'Criminal Minds' Season 15

Some fans in the 'Criminal Minds' fandom may want to rejoice hard because it looks like the JJ and Spencer romantic love interest may finally be over.

There's a new Spencer ship in town and her name is Maxine. Episode 4 'Saturday' will show off what life off the clock looks like for the BAU and explore the emotions the agents feel when they're not out there chasing bad guys. But, for Spencer, it's going to be more special.

The sneak peek from the episode shows Spencer walking broodily at the park when a kid makes fun of his hair. "That's a strange haircut for a grown man," says the kid, leaving Spencer both amused and puzzled. "Most men don't have hair like that," the kid continues, "you have a very slender neck, it makes your head look big - did you know that? That's why I noticed your haircut." Completely weirded out by now, Spencer asks him "Where are your parents?"

The boy pays no heed and tries to touch his hair. In walks the boy's aunt, Maxine, and she thinks he is a creep.

The confusion clears up soon enough and the boy invites Spencer back to the park. The trailer also squeezes in a moment between the three where Spencer shows off a magic trick to calm the boy down who has a panic attack.

With so much going on in Spencer's with his mom's diagnosis and J.J, this is the happiness he surely deserves. For once, the show is giving Spencer a chance to focus on himself and find love.

Elsewhere, Penelope is being threatened and stalked by an unknown hacker who fantasizes about murdering her.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 airs on January 22 at 9-10 pm, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

Watch the sneak peek below:


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