'Criminal Minds' Season 15 Episode 4: Spencer Reid hits it off with Maxine and fans are now shipping 'Maxcer'

In an incredible chance of fate, Reid meets Maxine at a park and she might just be his someone special

                            'Criminal Minds' Season 15 Episode 4: Spencer Reid hits it off with Maxine and fans are now shipping 'Maxcer'
Dr Spencer Reid (CBS)

With everything that 'Criminal Minds' has thrown at sweet, gentle Spencer Reid, it was quite the treat to see him learning to be happy for once. Reid, in an incredible chance of fate, meets Maxine and the two hit it right off the bat. Maxcer, as fans call the ship, has entered the building and the fandom cannot keep calm. 

"I’m so happy for Reid!! Spencer deserves to find someone who’ll make him happy! And they look so cute together!" tweeted a fan while another one said, "Please let #Maxcer have a happy ending." A third one said, "Spencer Reid just PICKED UP A WOMAN!!!!!! literally!!! swept her off her feet!!!! I'm like a proud mama right now."

It all starts when Reid's therapist gives him homework after he comes in complaining about nightmares. He is told to talk to someone outside of work and just enjoy a normal conversation. He decides the best place to meet people would be a park (bless him). He is bored out of his mind and goes to a food truck to grab a bite while checking in with JJ about whether they needed him to come help with their case. This is when a child makes fun of his hair. "That's a strange haircut for a grown man," says the child, leaving Spencer both amused and puzzled.

"Most men don't have hair like that," the kid continues, "you have a very slender neck, it makes your head look big — did you know that? That's why I noticed your haircut." Completely weirded out by now, Spencer asks him, "Where are your parents?" The boy pays no heed and tries to touch his hair. In walks the boy's aunt, Maxine, and she thinks he is a creep.

As they are walking away from Reid, he follows them to explain that he is not a weirdo and in a twist of fate, ends up performing a magic trick to help calm the boy, who has a panic attack. With that, Reid is an instant hit. The two spend the day together at the park, running into water sprays and eating pretzels and by the end of it, it's pretty clear there is something special there.

Fans were overjoyed as soon as Maxine stepped into the picture. "It finally took 15 seasons for Spencer Reid to get the girl. It is about time he gets a happy ending!" tweeted one fan. Another said, "This makes me so happy for Reid and he only deserves the best and nothing even the slightest less. Protect him forever."

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