'Crazy Delicious': Adam reinvents hotdogs, Niklas makes a wiener joke and Hardeep's kofta is 'loved'

'That's a good-sized sausage you got going there,' judge Niklas Ekstedt says

                            'Crazy Delicious': Adam reinvents hotdogs, Niklas makes a wiener joke and Hardeep's kofta is 'loved'
Niklas Ekstedt, Adam (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Crazy Delicious' Episode 4

An edible garden, gods for judges and reinvention – Netflix's newest offering 'Crazy Delicious' does justice to its name. Chefs competing will be assigned a star ingredient and a theme surrounding which they'll have to put together a dish that is creative and comes with an interesting and tasty twist. 

In Episode 4, Hannah, Adam and Hardeep compete for the golden apple. At first, the winner seems clear – Hannah with her strawberry plant pot (trifle) with rose jelly and hay creme pat. She beats Adam's strawberry cheesecake buffalo wings and Hardeep's Eton Mess in the chocolate eggshell to win the round.

This win earned Hannah 10 minutes of extra time, which she should have ideally used to begin prep for her dish but chose to decorate a plate that went with her final dish. While Hannah focussed on her soda bread that would wrap a chunk of wild boar meat, with a side of charred leeks, Adam gave hot dogs a Mexican spin complete with salsa and lime cream. He prepped his meat and as he was shaping them into hot dogs, one of the judges, Niklas Ekstedt, joked: "That's a good-sized sausage you got going there." 

Hardeep wanted to put his best foot forward this time after he failed the strawberry challenge – the chocolate wasn't tempered properly and amply, which led to it sticking to the egg mold, pushing him to device a solution to this last-minute crisis. Hardeep used his decorative chocolate shards to go with the Eton mess. For the second round, he made a kofta (stuffed balls) with a coriander chutney that went with choux buns, which Carla Hall and Heston Blumenthal loved. 

After Hannah was shown the doors, Adam and Hardeep made it a point to go big or go home. Hardeep had a giant cake on offer, Adam bet on cake, burgers and steak. The ideas they had were crazy and it turned out to be delicious too, at least that was what Niklas, Carla and Heston thought. But there can only be one winner – and that was Adam.

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