Skull of Craigslist Killer's victim found five years after he and his pregnant girlfriend were tortured and killed in 2014

Skull of Craigslist Killer's victim found five years after he and his pregnant girlfriend were tortured and killed in 2014
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*Warning: This story contains disturbing content*

The skull of Charles Oppenneer was found five years after he was murdered by Brady Oestrike, now famous as the Craigslist Killer. Charles and his eight-month pregnant girlfriend, Brooke Slocum, were killed by Brady. 18-year-old Brooke and her boyfriend Charles, 25, met with Brady through the Craigslist but were unaware of what awaited them. Charles met Brady at a park where he was killed and beheaded by him in Wyoming in 2014. Charles' body was found at the park but it was missing a head.

Charles' skull was found on March 24 by a neighbor near Six Mile Road and Kenowa Avenue. Investigators retrieved the remains on March 26 and then through dental records  Dr. Joseph Hefner, a forensic anthropologist and professor at Michigan State University identified it as belonging to Charles, reports Fox News.  The Kent County Medical Examiner says that it appears that the 25-year-old had died from a gunshot wound to the head. Investigators had said that the couple met with Oestrike in a "sex for cash" deal. Brooke, who had been pregnant at the time, was kept hostage for five days while she was assaulted, tortured, forced to smoke marijuana before she was killed.

Wyoming Police Capt James Maguffee said, "It was just a long, unanswered question and more than anything, we're just happy to report to the family this piece of information so that we can have some closure for them." Footage from 2014, from a camera placed at Brady's home, had shown Brooke being tortured before she was strangled to death and stored in the boot of his car. The unborn child did not survive either. The cameras also showed Brooke being handcuffed and a chain around her neck was bolted to a bathroom floor and there was a pulley system to pull her up. Police discovered this disturbing evidence from Brady's house after they obtained a search warrant to search his premises. During their pursuit of the killer, police had also got assistance from S.W.A.T team as Brady was expected to house assault-style weapons.  

Brady's run ended on July 17, 2014, after he crashed his car during a high-speed police chase. Surrounded by police, he killed himself. It was then that Brooke's body was found in the trunk of his car. 


An investigation revealed that Brady had kept swords, multiple whips, bondage tools and other weapons in his residence. Other than this there were also disturbing dolls hanging from nooses, tasers, lingerie, bloodied clothes, sex toys and a machete. After a series of interviews with investigators, it was also revealed that Brady had a 'fetish for guns'.

Speaking about Brady, his ex-roommate Rachel Morris had told Radar Online that she, "wasn’t surprised that something traumatic and violent like this happened in his life . . . knowing what tormented him, knowing the bad dreams and bad things he saw in his dreams and the depth of pain in his poetry." The discovery of Charles' skull was the final piece to ending the disturbing 2014 crimes of the Craigslist Killer. 


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