CPAC 2021: Date, time, guest list venue and all you need to know about event themed 'America Uncanceled'

CPAC 2021: Date, time, guest list venue and all you need to know about event themed 'America Uncanceled'
Donald Trump is scheduled to conclude CPAC 2021 (Getty Images)

The 2021 edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), considered to be the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world, is all set to be held from February 25. This time, the theme has been decided as 'America Uncanceled' — an idea that is raising waves of debate on social media for a multitude of reasons. 

Like the previous year, Donald Trump has been selected again to grace the event as the top speaker. Trump attending the CPAC convention will mark his first appearance at a public event since leaving the White House on President Biden's Inauguration Day. Here are more details about the event.


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Date and time

CPAC 2021 'America Uncanceled' will take place from February 25 to February 28. It will start with a Jewish prayer service at 5.45 PM on February 25. The top attraction of the event, former POTUS Donald Trump's address, is scheduled to conclude the event on February 28, at 3.40 PM. 


The theme of CPAC 2021, 'America Uncanceled', is believed to center around Trump's prolonged claim of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Elections. 

The poster of CPAC 21 'America Uncanceled' (


The theme has already made headlines on social media for all the wrong reasons after the organizers banned guest Young Pharaoh from the list of speakers due to his anti-Semitic tweets. Twitterati has pointed out the irony in the moniker — how an event termed 'America Uncanceled' went on to 'cancel' a person even before the event started.





Guest list

The list of guest speakers at the event comprises the who's who of the Republican Party and conservative thinkers, who are staunch believers in Donald Trump and the right-wing philosophy. There are nearly 124 guests who are set to attend and speak at the conference. Aside from Trump himself, some of the notable guests are controversial senator Ted Cruz, Florida Rep Matt Gaetz, actor Jon Voight, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones and others.

Former Vice President Mike Pence declined to attend this year (Getty Images)


The event will be organized at Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. Interested individuals can register and buy tickets to the event here.

Where to watch



People unable to attend can catch live streaming of the CPAC 2021 on RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network).

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