Mother who taught her young daughter risqué pole-dance moves says it's 'perfectly appropriate'

Nicola Hetherington says it does not sexualize children in any way, in response to the people who criticize the family for letting their child Phoebe take part in pole dancing

                            Mother who taught her young daughter risqué pole-dance moves says it's 'perfectly appropriate'

A couple in the UK have taught their seven-year-old daughter to pole dance and the child reportedly loves the "sport" that the trio practice together every day. Nicola Hetherington, a 29-year-old from Doncaster, makes it a habit to do pole exercises with her 27-year-old husband, Jim, and their seven-year-old daughter, Phoebe, on the pole the family has installed in their living room.

The three of them only started perfecting their pole dancing skills earlier this year when little Phoebe made a decision to try out the fun new sport that her parents kept doing. Nicola has six years of training experience and is now absolutely ecstatic that she can share her passion with her husband and child. She has also argued that pole dancing does not sexualize children and that it is like "any other sport".

The family from Doncaster all go for classes every week to practice and improve their skills as a trio, the Daily Mail reported. Nicola has already competed with Jim on a professional level and she hopes that one day the three of them will be able to compete together as a trio. The couple is trying to erase the stigma that is associated with pole dancing by showing other people that it is a very accessible sport.


Nicola told the publication about the moment she got the rest of her family involved in the sport. She said: "Jim used to climb up the pole in the living room before he plucked up the courage to attend a class. Our daughter Phoebe was intrigued and asked to start training with us earlier this year. We haven't got any specific routines as a trio yet but we are able to hold certain poses. I can hang upside down while I hold Jim and Phoebe's body weight, it's amazing how strong your muscles become." 

The mother has spoken out about the people who criticize the family for letting their child take part in the activity and she had defended it as "any other sport". She said: "I know some people are skeptical about children doing pole-dancing but it's just like any other sport. It's doesn't sexualize children in any way and is just like a dance class, but with a pole. Phoebe loves it and has made so many friends through attending the children's classes. I'm now an instructor at the pole studio too so I teach some of her classes which is great. Me and Jim have both competed together last year and placed third."


The proud mother first started teaching Phoebe how to use the pole by using the one that they had installed in their living room. She said: "Phoebe has always been intrigued by pole fitness because me and Jim enjoy it so much. We practice double routines together and hopefully, it won't be long before we're performing triple routines. I initially started pole dancing to lose my baby weight in 2012 but I have been hooked ever since. I'm fitter than I have ever been and it has given me a new lease of life."

Nicola and Jim believe that their experiences with the activity show that it is open to everyone and that men should not shy away from it. She added: "When I tell people that Jim attends the pole dancing classes too at Benefit Fitness and Wellbeing they're surprised, as stereotypically, people think it's just for women. But he's definitely showcased that it's not and he loves it just as much as me now. We've got a pole in the living room so we can practice any time we like."