Couple who kept 12-year-old boy restrained in bathtub with shackles and K9 shock collar before his death arrested

Couple who kept 12-year-old boy restrained in bathtub with shackles and K9 shock collar before his death arrested
(Source : Police Department)

A 12-year-old Indiana boy who died last week was subjected to horrific torture, with officials stating he was restrained in a motel bathtub with shackles and a dog collar before his death.

According to a press release by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, Eduardo Posso, who weighed just 50 pounds and had 0% body fat, was rushed to the Bloomington Hospital for treatment to his injuries on Thursday, May 23, but would ultimately not survive his wounds. 

Examinations conducted subsequently found multiple signs of abuse and starvation in the 12-year-old, and the next day, officers from the sheriff's department arrested and charged 32-year-old Luis Posso, who claimed to be the father of the child, and his wife, Dayan Median Flores, in connection to the death

"You don’t even want to let your mind go to imagine what this child’s thoughts were and what his prospects for his future were," said MCSO Sheriff Brad Swain, adding that this was the worst case of child abuse he has seen in his 30 years of service.


Following Eduardo's death, MCSO detectives searched the hotel room where the family was staying while working in the area and found a box containing restraints and a K9 shock collar.

A search of their mobile phones recovered during the investigation found video footage of Eduardo restrained in the bathtub. It also reportedly showed Posso and Flores coming and going in the bathroom and paying no attention to the child.

The press release states that, amongst photos that investigators found in the phone, there was a selfie of Posso where Eduardo can be seen in the background struggling in his restraints.

Following their arrest, both Posso and Flores denied withholding food from Eduardo, with the former reportedly admitting to physical abuse, but not to using restraints. They are being held on a $500,000 bond at the Monroe County Jail. 

The couple is facing multiple counts of Level 1 felony neglect in connection to the 12-year-old's death. Posso is said to be facing preliminary charges of neglect of a dependant, criminal confinement, and domestic battery, while Flores is facing preliminary charges of neglect of a dependant, and criminal confinement. They could possibly face murder charges as well. 


Three other children -- a 9-year-old girl, a 5-year-old boy, and a 2-year-old boy -- who were in the couple's custody have since been placed in the care of Child Protection Services. Officials said they appeared to be healthy. 

Police announced that their investigation will likely include multiple jurisdictions over a long period of time as Posso and Flores, who are from Florida, were in Monroe County area only for their employment, which involves distributing advertising for a circus which tours around the country.


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