'Counting On': Jessa and Ben share lockdown struggles, say people have become 'cold' and there is panic buying

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald highlight how their life has changed as coronavirus pandemic triggered a global lockdown

                            'Counting On': Jessa and Ben share lockdown struggles, say people have become 'cold' and there is panic buying
Ben and Jessa (TLC)

Coronavirus pandemic triggered a global lockdown and the Duggar family has been struggling to come in terms with the changes. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have been spending the lockdown at their home and have not been able to meet the other Duggar children or parents, Jim and Michelle Duggar. 

The Duggars are accustomed to having family nights where all the members come together, but ever since the lockdown has been imposed, their day-to-day activities have taken a hit. Jessa and Ben admitted that things are not the same as they are struggling to keep up with the restrictions that have been imposed. One thing that has affected them is not being able to buy things in bulk. Jessa admitted that things like diapers and food are almost over at their home and it has been hard to stock them as people have been "panic buying". To add to this, Ben and Jessa struggled to accept this as the new normal. 

They want to go out for some time but the lockdown has made it hard for them. As the two-step out to buy groceries, they make sure they have a mask on and sanitize everything. Jessa revealed she had to make a mask for herself as they were out of masks everywhere.

As she stepped inside the grocery store, she realized that almost everything was out of stock. Ben admitted that people have been panic buying and things had not been the same. Jessa confessed she was used to seeing people with a smile on their faces and greeting others, but it had been different as people have started maintaining distance from each other. 

Jessa further admitted that people had become cold as they would keep their distance when it came to interacting with another person. Ben has also been having a hard time studying. Being just weeks away from finishing his studies, Ben has been struggling to concentrate with everyone in the house. Despite this, the family has been trying their best to keep up with the rules and regulations. By thinking of ways to keep the children entertained and ensuring that they are maintaining social distancing, Ben and Jessa have been trying to make the most of their time. 

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