'Counting On': Is Jana going to have a courtship? The reality star talks about the man she would marry

Jana Duggar is finally putting an end to all the questions about her relationship

                            'Counting On': Is Jana going to have a courtship? The reality star talks about the man she would marry
Jana (TLC)

The Duggar family is known to be a large family that tends to get into courtship early on. While most of the Duggar children have gotten married and have children, one person who has always raised eyebrows is Jana Duggar. Jana, 30 is the only Duggar daughter who has stayed unmarried and seeing how it is unusual in the family, fans have always had questions about her courtship. 

The latest episode (September 15) finally put an end to those questions as Jana came forward and talked about her plans. The episode was dedicated to Jana as she had been there for each and every family member. The family came together and decided to throw her a surprise by making a garden of her dreams. With colorful pots and a greenhouse, the family made sure her garden had everything she wanted. Luckily, Jana had been away with John-David and his wife Abbie Duggar. During their trip, Jana explained how she was tired of people constantly asking her why she wasn't getting married. 

She admitted that many people have tried to set her up with few guys but nothing has worked out. Even though there have been various reports on the possible reason why she is single, Jana made it clear that none of them are true. Opening up about the man she would marry, Jana revealed that she has been waiting for the right one to come and sweep her off her feet. She stated that it might be God's plan to make her wait so long. However, Jana does not regret not being married as she feels the time has allowed her to grow and explore her career options. Right from understanding more about herself to starting her own business, Jana admitted that she has come a long way. 

When the producer asked if Jana would be ready to move to another state for a love she hinted that she would be open to it. However, that would only happen if she is really in love with the man. During the episode, Jana also revealed that she was starting her business and seeing where things go from there. 

With so much to look forward to, Jana stated that she is not looking to get married as there is more to life than that. Hinting that she would settle down on;y when the right guy comes, Jana asked her fans to be patient and wait.

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