'Counting On': Duggar sisters decide to share maternity clothes as their due dates fall around same time

'Counting On': Duggar sisters decide to share maternity clothes as their due dates fall around same time
Kendra Duggar, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, Jana Duggar, and Joy-Anna Forsyth (Source : IMDb)

The Duggar family is growing! With five pregnancies due around the same time, the family is excited to welcome all the new members to the family. However, things are not always easy when it comes to choosing the perfect maternity clothes. One of the problems that the Duggar sisters face is of finding maternity clothes that fit them perfectly and are not to harsh on the wallet. 

Unfortunately, they are unable to use the same maternity clothes that they had with their previous children, which means they end up buying new clothes all the time. However, it looks like the family has finally found a way around it. The Duggar sisters decided to share their maternity clothes and see which one fits. 

Luckily for each of them, there were a number of options that were present in front of them to choose from. Jessa, Kendra, Lauren, Anna, and Joy decided to get together and see if they could take the clothes that fit them. "It is pretty expensive to buy maternity clothes," Lauren said. "A lot of times you buy stuff and by second or third trimester it doesn't fit."


She continued, "It is almost like they purposefully market it higher because they know we have to buy different sizes so often." Meanwhile, Kendra added, "It is a lot of fun to be pregnant at the same stage and I think each one of us carries differently and there are going to be stuff that works for some of the sisters but not work for another. So, we are just seeing what works for everybody."

Jessa added that when one is pregnant it is important to find clothes that are "cute, elegant and comfortable". Over the years, the Duggar sisters collected all the clothing items that they thought someone else might need and luckily, they have a big pile of clothes to choose from. 

"We can just start rolling it out," Jessa added. However, for some of the clothes, they decided to take on the process of ruching. A process that allows clothes to be altered with an elastic which would help clothes fit properly while being pregnant. 

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