'Counting On': The Duggars' skills are put to test in Duggar Dash, which team will win the race?

The Duggars played against each other in a bid to win the Duggar Dash but the competition kept getting tough with every step

                            'Counting On': The Duggars' skills are put to test in Duggar Dash, which team will win the race?
Counting On (TLC)

The Duggars always have the best ideas for bringing the family together and in the latest episode (July 28), they decided to have a Duggar Dash and divided the family members into different teams. Team one consisted of Joy, Tyler, Jennifer, Austin and James. The second team consisted of Jim Bob, Joe, Kendra and Johannah. The third team consisted of Jana, Josia, Jason, Jackson and Josie. 

Meanwhile, the fourth team had Ben, Jessa, Jeremiah, Justin, Jordyn and Ivy. After the teams were selected, blue, red, yellow, and green color papers were kept on the floor. One member from each team had to come forward and play the game of musical chairs to find out what color their team would be. After the round, Jim Bob and team were red, Tyler and his team were green, Jackson and the team were team blue and Ben and his team was yellow. The first task was eating a food item to get their first clue. With things like cricket taco on the menu, it was not an easy task for anyone. 

The yellow team happened to be the first one to finish the task and head on to the second task that required all the teams to head to the thrift store with a $5 budget. The task further noted that every person in the team must have a clothing item that they should wear throughout the competition. 

The green team managed to overtake the yellow team in this round and went straight for the third round. For their third task, one person from each team had to head to the climbing gym and climb one of the rocky mountains to get their clue. Here, the yellow team took the lead again and left everyone behind.

The fourth clue had the teams doing a bit of math. Each team was given a clue in which they were asked certain questions about the family. The number they got as the answer was the clue for the next task. The task involved the teams finding a pair of shoes with the size being the same as the answer they received by solving the math problem. 

The green team had trouble getting the right answer and had some help from Michelle Duggar who was coordinating the game. Meanwhile, the yellow and blue team managed to get ahead of the game while the red team was still in fourth place. 

The last task had the teams going through the haystack to find their final clue. The yellow team managed to find their clue first and won the dash. Ben, Jessa, Jeremiah, Justin, Jordyn and Ivy were happy to take home the winning trophy. 

'Counting On' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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