Starz cancels 'Counterpart' but Season 3 could be a reality at a new home

Actor Nicholas Pinnock revealed to MEAWW that his character's counterpart will be revealed in Season 3, so we are keeping our fingers crossed

                            Starz cancels 'Counterpart' but Season 3 could be a reality at a new home

All great thing comes to an end, and so is STARZ's sci-fi thriller, 'Counterpart'. Coming from creator Justin Marks, this ambitiously thoughtful show has been dealing with the topic of parallel dimensions, wherein it looks into lives of the counterparts of each individual as one version tries to take over the other.

Starring JK Simmons as Howard Silk, Olivia Williams as Emily Silk Burton, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, Sara Serriaoccio as Baldwin, and Nicholas Pinnock as Ian Shaw, the show has now been cancelled by STARZ, which means that Episode 17 of Season 2, set to air on February 17, will serve as the series finale. 


The news was confirmed by Marks who took to his social media account to share the news with his fans. Rake stated in a series of tweets, "Hey #counterpart fans, a bit of sad news… Starz has decided not to pick up our show for a 3rd season...It’s been an absolute dream for this team… we got to make EXACTLY the show we wanted to… perfect cast, perfect crew on 2 continents… and we’re so grateful to our network for the time we had...Thank you to everyone who made this journey so special for us. Your tweets, podcasts, and intricate conspiracy theories have made it all worthwhile. Fingers crossed that our wonderful studio, MRC, can find a way to keep the dream alive!" 


However, according to Deadline, there are chances of the show returning with Season 3, although not on STARZ. The channel's decision to cancel the show after two seasons came in late December and the cancellation date was extended to February 1 as the producing company MRC was looking for a new home for the show.

Chances are that if MRC succeeds in selling the series, channels like HBO, Netflix, and AMC might pick up the show since the producing company has developed, produced and financed several television series for those networks. On the other hand, it is quite unlikely that the story of 'Counterpart' could come to such a sudden end, as actor Pinnock had already told us about his character's plight in Season 3. 

Pinnock had revealed that his character's story is set to unfold in Season 3. (STARZ)
Pinnock had revealed that his character's story is set to unfold in Season 3. (STARZ)

During an exclusive mailer with MEAWW, Pinnock indicated that his character, Ian Shaw's story is yet to unfold and probably his life's details will come under focus in Season 3. Pinnock stated when asked if we will get to see his character's counterpart in Season 2, "That’s to be revealed in season 3...what I can say is that Ian goes on a deeper exploration as to who he is and that the show will shift in its appearance. A bit cryptic, I know but it’ll all make sense when the audience sees it."

Even if there is no Season 3, the show will leave its fans on a cliffhanger. Fans are already devasted by the news, as one fan claimed on Twitter, "This really sucks! #counterpart is an awesome show! I really hope someone else picks it up as you've done a great job with it! Have I thinking about canceling @STARZ." 


With Season 2, we came to know about the Crossing's origins, we witnessed the rebellious side of the Indigo Sleeper's cell, and above all, we have been left with the hope that most of the characters will find redemption in the end. Characters like Naya Temple (played by Betty Gabriel), Ian, and Baldwin, still have a lot to offer.

Naya and Ian's story have only begun to unfold, and Baldwin's story is still hanging with no conclusion in sight. Hopefully, some channel will pick up the show, and we will see more of these characters if there is a Season 3.