'Counterpart' Season 2: With Shadow's identity revealed and Yanek's secret out, the show has disclosed two major clues

Yanek knows how the two worlds came to exist in the first place but will he be able to keep the secret from his daughter?

                            'Counterpart' Season 2: With Shadow's identity revealed and Yanek's secret out, the show has disclosed two major clues

'Counterpart' Season 2 is gradually progressing towards a more absurd story-telling and after the fifth episode, every knot that has been loosely tied around the plot seems to become even more complicated. With the revelation of Shadow's real identity, the STARZ Justin Marks-created show has opened up loopholes for the sixth episode, which is set to air on January 6. Starring J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk, Olivia Williams as Emily, Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, and Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin, the show has been following the compromising diplomacy of the Alpha and the Prime worlds, as the "Crossing" between them re-opened in the second season.

The fifth episode left behind a major clue for the show, where it was revealed that Clare was not really Shadow but it was Peter's own secretary who has been trying to save Peter and Clare from being detected by FBI chief, Naya Temple (played by Betty Gabriel). While this certainly makes a big difference to the show, it also reveals exactly how long the reach of the terrorist cell Indigo is. The cell had managed to put up its sleeper agents in the diplomacies and maybe the Management has helped them keep a track of who is crossing between the two worlds.

While the revelation was quite a shock, it certainly tells us that Clare and Baldwin are not the only sleeper agents in the Alpha world.


Another subtle implication that the show left in the fifth episode, is Mira's (played by Christiane Paul) connection to Echo. Mira, who is now being hunted by the diplomacy as one of the leaders of Indigo, had taken over Echo, but what she encountered there not only changes the course of her storyline but also looks deep into the origins of 'Counterpart'.

It was revealed that Echo's in-house therapist, Yanek (played by James Cromwell), was not only one of the founding members of the alternate dimension but is also Mira's father. In that case, Mira might just have access to certain things in the two worlds that nobody else is aware of.


Also Yanek's revelation, unlike Shadow's, puts the missing piece back to the story. The question about how the two worlds came to exist in the first place was half answered when Yanek spoke about how he perceived the split between the worlds, 30 years ago, as a chance to attain greater knowledge.

However, it can be guessed that his daughter, Mira, had very different plans with the two worlds, and when they finally chose to disagree with each other, Yanek retired to Echo as an attempt to redeem all of those who are somehow lost between who they are and what their others in the Alpha world represent.


It seems that Episode 6 will chiefly revolve around how Shadow came into being. If Yanek or Mira has anything to do with it, we do not know, but it can be assumed that Mira was always aware of Shadow's presence in the system. As for Yanek, who has now been abducted by his daughter, we will find out more about the origin of the two worlds and Yanek's involvement with it when the show returns on January 6.

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