'Counterpart': Being the point of departure, Mira might have some devious plans for the Alpha world

Her childhood was taken from her the moment she realized she has become an experiment for her father who discovered the two worlds

                            'Counterpart': Being the point of departure, Mira might have some devious plans for the Alpha world

Season 2 of 'Counterpart' has finally given us the entire story as to how the Crossing came into existence in the first place. It also introduced us to the scientists who formed the Management when the Crossing first opened in 1987. However, the one unraveling truth Episode 6, titled 'Twin Cities', of the Justin Marks- created show left us with, was that Mira (played by Christiane Paul) is actually Yanek's (played by James Cromwell) daughter.

As the history of the father and daughter duo disclosed itself, it was revealed Yanek had actually murdered his counterpart thus causing the rift between the Prime and the Alpha world. However, it was quite unforeseen that Mira, who we see spearheading the operations of Indigo (the terrorist cell in the Prime world), is actually the point of departure on the show.

Episode 6 took us back 30 years to show us how the two Yaneks from both the Prime and Alpha worlds explored each other's realities. They teamed up with a group of scientists for a classified research program where they surveyed new possibilities. However, they were both disappointed by the fact that there was absolutely no difference in the two worlds. This is where both of them dragged in the two Miras.


Yanek Alpha gifted Mira a recording of her favorite band, but Yanek Prime - in spite of buying the same gift - did not give his daughter anything. They made this decision consciously enough claiming this small act would create the difference between their two worlds.

As we know, their plan backfired. Against the run of play, the two Yaneks betrayed each other, and eventually Yanek Alpha killed Yanek Prime. Mira Prime witnessed the incident first hand, whereas Mira Alpha was only told that her father - who was sent to Echo after the murder - had left their family. It can be said that this was the point of departure in Mira's life.


Having witnessed her father's death at the hands of his counterpart, Mira Prime was determined to put an end to the Crossing. She even called the members of the Management for a meeting in order to threaten them into obeying her orders. However, it is hard to believe Mira's entire mission was surrounded around one bad childhood memory.

If we go by the philosophy of the show, which states one version will always take over the other, it can be assumed Mira is not seeking simple revenge. She wants the entire Alpha world to shut down so that the Prime world can be the only existing reality. 

Mira might want the Crossing to shut down for good, but there is a chance she wants to eliminate the Alpha world completely. We will find out her true intentions when the show returns to STARZ January 27.

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