'Counterpart' Season 2: The identity of Shadow, Mira's fate and Claire's dilemma; here's what to expect in Episode 5

Secrets will be unveiled and none of the Primes or Alphas are ready to face them. There are going to be some changes in 'Counterpart' and not all are for the better

                            'Counterpart' Season 2: The identity of Shadow, Mira's fate and Claire's dilemma; here's what to expect in Episode 5


'Counterpart' has returned with the second season, and as the stakes keep getting higher it is now more difficult for the Primes to hide in the Alpha world. Starring J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk, Olivia Williams as Emily Silk, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, and Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, the second season of the Justin Marks-created show has taken a completely different turn with the fifth episode.

All along, the Primes have been carefully treading on the Alpha world to not be noticed as trespassers. However, everything comes crumbling down in the fifth episode where secrets are revealed at a time when no one is ready to accept them.

With Howard Alpha still behind Echo and the Management being unable to track down Indigo, members of the sleeper cells have finally awakened to take things into their own hands.

However, among all the hasty decisions that go down the line to execute their plan of capturing 
Echo's mastermind, there are some uncomfortable secrets that are about to get exposed.


While the episode is set to air on January 6, here are the top four things that you can expect:

1. Shadow of a Doubt

As the episode is rightly named 'Shadow of a doubt, it finally manages to unravel the mystery behind who really is Shadow. In the previous episode, Emily Alpha had told Naya that Interface was mistaken by considering Aldrich to be Shadow. According to Emily Alpha, Shadow was a woman. While the suspect can easily be anyone — Baldwin, Clare, or even Mira — in an unexpected turn of events, Shadow finally emerges with her true identity. Shadow's exposition not only brings a whole new turn to the story but also questions where Management's loyalty lies, who with every episode seems to be approaching towards an uncertain conclusion. 


2. Claire's Dilemma

For a very long time, since the beginning of the second season, Clare has been considering her decision to become one of the sleeper cell members of Indigo, but she finally reveals that she is tired of doing what they ask her to do. She learns a secret that might be able to save her from being exposed as a terrorist in the Alpha world, but there are some greater questions that Clare still needs to answer. Although she has been managing to keep Lambert away from her family, she may succumb to the demands of the visitor from the other world who is about to put Clare in the biggest dilemma of her life.

Who will Clare finally choose to be? (STARZ)
Who will Clare finally choose to be? (STARZ)

3. Peter Quayle risks it all

Management is nowhere when the diplomacies of the two worlds are being compromised. Peter Quayle, being the strategic head of the diplomacy of the Alpha world, is about to find himself in a situation where there is no escape. What will he do? Will he sell out Clare to save himself? As much as Quayle has been trying to hide his wife's identity, it looks like things are about to fall apart, and it might be too late for Quayle to do anything. He is about to encounter truths about people that he never suspected, and maybe not all of those truths will lead to his redemption.

If Quayle is not careful, he might just lose everything. (STARZ)
If Quayle is not careful, he might just lose everything. (STARZ)

4. Mira meets someone important

We have not been told much about Mira, but from the least that has been explained about her on the show, it seems that Mira — just like Clare and Baldwin — has been pulled into Indigo against her will. Her turmoil finally unravels when Mira and her team of assassins break into Echo where they encounter Emily Prime for a brief moment. However, Mira is about to meet someone whom she has been avoiding for a long time, and their interaction might just reveal how the two worlds came to existence in the first place. The fifth episode sees Mira in her most vulnerable state for the first time, and from here, things might be very different for the woman who had set out on a mission to take over the Alpha world.


'Counterpart' Season 2 is set to return on STARZ on January 6, 2019.