'Counterpart' Season 2: Emily Silk is looking for 'Something Borrowed' in episode 3

Emily has been troubled with a failing memory and a complicated investigation, but this time she is making sure she sees things through till the end

                            'Counterpart' Season 2: Emily Silk is looking for 'Something Borrowed' in episode 3

STARZ's Justin Marks-created show, 'Counterpart', has returned for the second season and after the first two episodes, it seems actress Olivia Williams' characters, both Emily Alpha and Emily Prime, are about to take the center stage this season.

Starring J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk, Olivia Williams as Emily Burton Silk, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, and Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin, the second season of the show has been following Emily Silk (Alpha and Prime). Both Emily Alpha and Emily Prime are being put at the center of the two worlds whose diplomacies are now compromised following the sudden escape of the deadly assassin, Baldwin.

The second season began with unfolding certain past secrets of Emily Alpha who has finally awaken from her coma and is now struggling to regain her memory of the day she was injured in an attempted murder.

In spite of her failing memory, Emily has managed to figure out there's something wrong with her husband, and rightly so because Howards Silk Alpha was in the Prime world and Howard Prime had taken his place as Emily Alpha's husband. On the other hand, Emily Prime was suddenly elected as the head of strategy and with her only clue being "Mira", she has been trying to track down the terrorist cell, Indigo.


The first two episodes revealed to Emily Prime her Alpha-self was already visiting their world, probably as Indigo's final sleeper cell member. The third episode will pick up with Emily Prime seeking answers as to what could have caused her Alpha-self to walk into their world almost 10 years ago.

With the Management consistently persuading her to leave Aldus' house untouched and to keep tracking Mira - who by now is out of radar - Emily Prime is eager to know more about her other self, and her urge for the secret takes her to places that apparently had already been visited by Emily Alpha. 


It is soon revealed that the two share similar memories of their childhood, but there was a decision that split them apart into separate individuals. While Emily Alpha is visited by an unexpected guest, the visit soon turns into an encounter where she realizes a lot has changed in the Management ever since she was hospitalized.

However, unintentionally during the encounter, Emily gives out a piece of valuable information about Aldrich, which we can presume will change the course of the investigation being done by Emily Prime. Emily Prime soon discovers that her other self had been spearheading the investigation on Indigo from the other side, and there were things that she knew of which surprisingly enough nobody else knew.

Emily probably has to decide if she wants to remember or forget. (STARZ)
Emily probably has to decide if she wants to remember or forget. (STARZ)

As the two worlds are compromised, the two selves of the same individual find themselves struggling to keep their own selves alive. Who will make it to the end of the investigation, will it be Emily Prime who is now tracing the past record of her other self or Emily Alpha who is struggling to recall what had happened to her investigation before she was hospitalized? 'Counterpart' Episode 3 returns to STARZ December 23, and as the episode is rightfully titled "Something Borrowed", both the Emilys will lend pieces of themselves to each other in order to track down Mira, the deadly terrorist of Indigo.