'Counterpart' Season 2: Are the Primes trying to fit into the cordial world of the Alphas?

Howard, Baldwin, and Clare have entered our world and it seems like they are here to stay, as they try to fit in

                            'Counterpart' Season 2: Are the Primes trying to fit into the cordial world of the Alphas?

STARZ's Justin Marks-created show 'Counterpart' has returned with its second season. Already two episodes in, it seems that this time the Primes are trying to take over everything that had once belonged to the Alphas.

Starring J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk, Olivia Williams as Emily Burton Silk, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, and Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin, the second season picked up with Howard Silk Prime, Baldwin, and Clare Prime stuck in the Alpha world while their counterparts are either dead or are behind bars in the Prime world.

Following the shutting of the "Crossing" in the first season, the people from the Prime world have been residing in the Alpha world with their own agendas. Howard Silk Prime has managed to take the place of Howard Alpha as he is trying to extract information from Emily Alpha, who is now suspected to be the last member of the sleeper cell.

Baldwin had the chance to go undercover in the Alpha world as she is being hunted down for her crimes in the Prime world. As for Clare, she seems to be in the most compromising position where her newfound motherhood is compelling her to maintain the status quo as a mother and a wife, and at the same time questioning her faith in Indigo.

Clare seems to be doubtful about Indigo and its intentions. (IMDb)
Clare seems to be doubtful about Indigo and its intentions. (IMDb)

A fan on Reddit pointed: "We see Clare beginning to struggle with her responsibilities as a sleeper agent versus her growing desire to keep the status quo of her child and life. It brings up a very interesting part of the double world dynamic. Sure, Clare may be a spy and was brainwashed since a child...but she is living a new life now. I began to question how loyal and committed she was to the cause."

Although the Alpha world and the Prime world are two parallel versions of earth, they are widely different and so are the individuals living in them. Clare in the Alpha world was Peter's beloved wife, but Clare Prime managed to remove her from the face of the earth and is now posing as his wife. 


Their relationship continues to remain tense as Peter has been using Clare Prime to find out the workings of the Indigo cell but it seems that with the second season, Clare is beginning to question her faith in Indigo. The Alpha world has been far more stable than the Prime world, and this feature is quite evident in the people as well.

Howard Silk Alpha is a docile man, who loves his wife, and considers himself lucky to have a roof above his head, but his counterpart Howard Silk Prime is a nasty spy who does not mind lying to a person with a failing memory. Similarly, Emily Alpha has been silently investigating the workings of Indigo while, on the other hand, Emily Prime has been leading the strategy team of Interface.


As for Baldwin, her story took a pitiful turn when her Alpha counterpart, Nadia, who was a renowned violinist, was shot dead. Although Baldwin had the chance to escape Berlin and start a new life, she chose to stay back in the Alpha world and seek answers for herself. With Prime characters trying so hard to fit into the Alpha world, it seems that the Prime world is gradually creeping into the Alpha world.

The third episode reveals the fact that when two versions of the same thing encounter each other, one version is always determined to eliminate the other, and it seems that 'Counterpart' season 2 is heavily revolving on this particular philosophy. The season returns with its third episode December 23. 

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