'Counterpart': Let's talk about how the "Crossing" came to exist in the first place?

Yanek knows a lot more than he is revealing, and maybe he will be the final one to shut down the "Crossing".

                            'Counterpart': Let's talk about how the "Crossing" came to exist in the first place?

James Cromwell's character, Yanek, has been quite a dubious character, and his consistent bid to convince Howard Silk Alpha to spy on his wife had made the audience quite uncomfortable with him. Starring alongside JK Simmons as Howard Silk, Olivia Williams as Emily Burton Silk, Harry Lloyd as Peter Quayle, Nazanin Boniadi as Clare, and Sara Serraiocco as Baldwin, Yanek is the therapist assigned to extract the truth out of every prisoner in Echo, a prison in the Prime world of 'Counterpart'.

The STARZ show created by Justin Marks follows the characters as they get into a feud with their other selves who come into their world through the "Crossing".

While the biggest question on the show continues to be when did the "Crossing" actually open, the fifth episode which aired on December 30, revealed that Yanek was actually one of those who had first witnessed the opening of the "Crossing".

During his session with Howard Silk Alpha, who is now a prisoner in Echo, Yanek explained to him that he has been using the knowledge of the Alpha world to put it to use in the Prime world. Being one of the firsts to witness the existence of the two worlds, Yanek is well aware of the fact that the worlds can never exist together and that only one version will survive. 


However, fans are wondering if Yanek will be able to tell when the "Crossing" exactly opened. A fan on Reddit said, "I'm still waiting for a rational explanation as to how the crossing came about in the first place, not just an off the cuff "there was an event" remark, and how big the rift between universes actually is."

Considering the fact that Yanek already knows how the "Crossing" opened in the first place, probably it explains why he has been trying so hard to change Howard Alpha's mind about his wife Emily. Yanek knew the number of risks that went into play when the "Crossing" opened, but he is trying to amend all of that by understanding the basic advantages of the Alpha world. 


Yanek, unlike his daughter Mira (played by Christiane Paul), is trying to fit into both the worlds. He is trying to understand how different the people of the two worlds are, and why it is that way? He has been drawing lines of comparisons between the two worlds, but with Howard Alpha consistently refusing to abide by what he said, he is unable to trace Emily Alpha's motives.


Emily Alpha is already being suspected to be a sleeper cell agent but Yanek cannot be sure about that unless he hears from Howard Alpha. Hopefully, along with that Yanek will be able to give us some more clarity about the "Crossing", and its true origins.