'Costco Karen' stages sit-in after being asked to wear face mask, yells 'I am an American, I have rights'

'Costco Karen' stages sit-in after being asked to wear face mask, yells 'I am an American, I have rights'
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A Costco 'Karen' was seen sitting on the floor of a grocery store, refusing to budge and declared "I have constitutional rights!" upon being told to put on a face mask. 

The incident which went viral after it was uploaded online had taken place at the returns desk at a Costco store in Oregon, the Daily Mail reports. The video shows an employee requesting an older woman to put on a mask at the store in Hillsboro amid the coronavirus pandemic. 


The woman was seen with a face mask dangling from one ear but had refused to put it on to cover up her mouth. During the video, the employee can be heard saying, "You just have to tell me that you have one. Well, then you have to wear it. You have to wear your mask in public. This is private property."

The 'Karen' then responds saying, "I am not a member of Costco." The employee then says, "Want me to get that taken care of for you? Well, then you’re going to have to put your mask on." The woman retaliates saying, "I will not," as she adds  that the mask requirement is "your problem." The employee tells the woman, "Well then come back another time." 

The 'Karen' then tells the employee that she would like to speak to her boss. The employee explains to the woman, "He’s gonna require the same. If you want to step outside here I’ll have him come meet you outside. You need to do that it’s our policy. We’re going to walk outside."

The woman does admit that she does not have any medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. The woman then sits down on the floor cross-legged and refuses to move. The employee even attempts to help the woman and asks her if she wants a chair. "Can I get you a chair outside? There’s a place to sit. Want me to help you up?'" the employee says. 

The 'Karen' does not take the help offered and instead chooses to stage her sit-in protest in another area on the main floor, away from shoppers. Towards the end of the video, the manager is seen approaching the woman and saying, "Hello what can I do for you?'"

It is not clear exactly what the woman wanted to do as the manager repeatedly asked her whether she had a membership at the store. During the conversation, the woman even says, "I'm not leaving. Do you want to carry me? I am an American. I have constitutional rights!" 

The video then cuts off. Costco had also made mask-wearing mandatory in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has gripped the world in its claws. 

Social media users were quick to call out the behavior of the woman and left comments. One such user shared, "Give that sales representative a raise! My god she was patient and diplomatic. The Karen didn’t deserve it but that young lady sure has class." Another shared, "Second that motion! I feel so sorry for these poor employees who now have to deal with this type of behavior. (Do these people have no idea how childish they’re being? Waa was waa. Grow the eff up!)."

"What’s the problem with these people? What are they actually proving? That they are incapable of existing within a civilized society that sometimes demands compromise? It’s toddler behavior. I would have walked up to her and asked if she needs a time out in the corner?" commented a third. 

As per data from the John Hopkins University, the USA has seen around 2,888,730 confirmed cases of coronavirus so far. There have been 129,947 deaths as a result of the virus. Globally there have been around 11,450,247 confirmed cases of coronavirus so far and around 534,267 deaths. The USA has started to a resurgence in coronavirus cases after some states decided to reopen and lift lockdown orders. 

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