Playboy model hopes 'half of humanity' is wiped out in coronavirus pandemic so that the Earth is saved

Playboy model hopes 'half of humanity' is wiped out in coronavirus pandemic so that the Earth is saved
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As the whole world grapples with the deadly coronavirus, several celebrities have taken to social media platforms to share positive messages to cheer up and give hope to their fans and followers during these dark times. However, one Playboy model doesn't share this sense of solidarity with the ones facing the brunt of the pandemic, and shared what can only be called an unpleasant message on her Instagram account.

In a video post, Victoria Bonya said it is better to lose half of mankind than the whole of planet Earth. “Sorry, but I just have to share this, it is all in our interest. Our planet is ruined. For me, it is better to lose half of humanity instead of losing the whole planet. Myself, I am ready to die as well just to save our world,” the model-turned-actress said in her video post.

However, soon Bonya’s 6.5 million Instagram followers started criticizing her for such insensitive remarks and branded her idea genocidal. One user wrote: “I don’t think you would talk in such a manner if, God forbid, one of your relatives fell ill or died of such a virus.”

Another follower commented, “She says it would be better for the planet if half of us died, blah blah, but she herself left Russian from France as she knows treatment is better in Europe than in her native country so she has a higher chance of survival there.”


Bonya is a Russian born model-turned-actress who currently lives in France. She has acted in 'Maximum Impact' (2017), 'Z'olushka' (2012) among other movies.

After facing the backlash, the 40-year-old TV presenter immediately deleted the video and added a written post clarifying her remarks: “Mankind as a whole has become worse than a locust which eats everything in its path and does not leave a living thing! Over the past 50 years, we have killed the planet in a way that no generation has in thousands of years.

“Such a shake-up, in the form of the coronavirus, should be beneficial to us.”

She added that the COVID-19 outbreak will “teach us to be aware, appreciate life, appreciate nature, water, rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas, animals, clean air and everything that the planet gives us. Material life has sucked us in, in such a way that we are destroying ourselves, but we don’t feel sorry for ourselves! But the planet is sorry for the pain in our heart”.

In her post, she also stressed that she does not wish anyone death, illness, or anything bad due to the pandemic.


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