Pandemic sex tapes are a thing now and these titles are infectious

#PandemicSexTapeTitles is trending as people come up with terms like 'HOEVID-19' to 'Quarantitties' as names of their sex tapes to while away their isolation blues

                            Pandemic sex tapes are a thing now and these titles are infectious
Going Solo (20th Century-Fox)

Bored during the coronavirus self-isolation? So are millions of people across the globe, and perhaps, that's why Twitter is trending with #PandemicSexTapeTitles. 

With a set of bizarre and hilarious titles, people are putting out the best show of their creativity on social media. From 'HOEVID-19' to 'Quarantitties', there are too many titles to make you squirm and sit back in horror. Not just the titles, people are posting a set of GIFs and photos to add double the dose of drama. 

With a pun on 'Star Wars', one user posted, "Star Whores: A Nude Hope #PandemicSexTapeTitles," and another said, "#PandemicSexTapeTitles Hand Solo."

There were several B-grade ones too, especially "My Wife’s First Big Black Cough #PandemicSexTapeTitles." One tweet read, "Guy gives girl the whole six feet #PandemicSexTapeTitles," and another wrote, "#PandemicSexTapeTitles Me, Myself and My hand." Another one said, "Boobonic Plague #PandemicSexTapeTitles."

If that hasn't made you shy away from social media yet, here is a set of other funny tweets that you'll be able to tolerate. From "#PandemicSexTapeTitles Social Dickstancing," to "50 shades of grey sweats #PandemicSexTapeTitles," and "Six feet of Sexifcation. #PandemicSexTapeTitles," the titles get way too strange and bizarre as you may not have dreamt them to be.

While one wrote, "#PandemicSexTapeTitles I Feel Panda--Moan-ium in Your Arms," another said, "#PandemicSexTapeTitles One Handed Pleasure..." One even went on to post, "Just stay away: I’ll do it myself #PandemicSexTapeTitles."

With all the fun people are having, we can't help but wonder if 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' wanted to take inspiration from this trend. Remember how Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) teased Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) with “name of your sex tape” jokes? From "This Better Not Bite Me in the Ass, name of your sex tape," to "Why Doesn’t Your Mouth Work? Title of our sex tape," the jokes hit right in the feels and this Twitter trend of #PandemicSexTapeTitles is no less!

One of the best scene was when Jake tells Amy: "Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed. Good news everyone, we found the name of Santiago’s sex tape!"

Until this lockdown is here to fill days with gloom and boredom, people will find a way to keep themselves entertained, and so should you!

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