Pandemic Playlist: Stay inside, and keep clean! Check out our Top 5 songs to sing like the world's your shower

Beat the daily mundane grind by turning up a playlist of the best singalongs and inject some cheer into your cooped in day

                            Pandemic Playlist: Stay inside, and keep clean! Check out our Top 5 songs to sing like the world's your shower
Mark Foster of the group Foster the People (Getty Images)

There's not much to do while you're in lockdown, is there?

Some of us have study and work tasks to attend to, others are taking the time to learn new skills. And many are using the time to practice some much-needed self-care by eating healthy, working out, getting creative, and of course, showering and staying totally clean!

But the daily grind can get pretty mundane. It's like clockwork. So how about we spice things up a bit?

Time to turn that self-care routine into the best thing ever with our top five songs for you to sing in the shower!

Meatloaf - 'Paradise by the Dashboard Lights'

"It never felt so good, it never felt so right / And we're glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife." Sing it out loud as you scrub yourself down! There is nothing quite like a Meatloaf song to get you pumped up, and there are few artists that are as fun to sing along to as Meatloaf!

This classic rock song from the 70s is noted for its unique structure, which features three parts: the first is 'Paradise', which has a couple reminiscing about their younger high school days, having fun experiencing "paradise by the dashboard light" and getting ready to make love when it cuts out, leading into a 'baseball play'-by-play' audio recording, the second is 'Let Me Sleep on It' where the young boy makes a promise to love the girl forever, and the third is 'Praying for the End of Time' where the boy, now an adult, realizes he made the promise in a moment of passion and wishes to escape his vows.

The song goes through the highs and lows of life right alongside its protagonist, and makes for an amazing track to sing along to.

Check out the song in all its odd glory below!


Keane - 'Everybody's Changing'

Slowing it down a bit -- so we can relax and enjoy the self-care routine and rest those vocal cords after the previous track, we get another great rock song in Keane's 'Everybody's Changing'.

This song is certainly perfect for the times because we're living through uncertainty and everyone is slowly shifting and changing. This is a track that really captures the feeling of isolation as one tries to find their place in a changing world. And sometimes, you just need to sing those feelings out loud as you reach for that bottle of shampoo.

Go on, try it.


Robbie Williams - 'Angels'

As you let the warm water wash over you and wrap you in its embrace, try Robbie Williams' 'Angels' on for size.

This gorgeous track has been covered by a wide range of artists since it released in 1997 and is a lovely reminder that we have loved ones watching over us. It's a song of hope in times when things are not as easy as we'd like them to be. The video, featuring aerial shots of Williams walking around on a beach, is just as pleasant to watch as the song is to listen to.

And the song is just as pleasant to sing along to.


Oasis - 'Don't Look Back in Anger'

Could a sing-along list be complete without Oasis?

The band has released so many amazing tracks that it's hard to pick just one. But if we must, 'Don't Look Back In Anger' is the one we're going to go with.

The lyrics "I'm gonna start a revolution from my bed" are certainly apt, given the world is changing while we're all cooped up inside, sending messages out from our respective chambers. But in addition to that, this song's chorus, which was voted as number one by New Musical Express (NME) on a list of the '50 Most Explosive Choruses', is easily one of the best things to sing along to.

So go on, hit play and sing your heart out!


Foster the People - 'Pumped up Kicks'

And now, for the ultimate coup de grâce! We've had some ups and we've had some lows, we've sung about love and we've given ourselves time to feel some of the pain. It's time for something upbeat to end this on a high.

This song has the sound of a commercial jingle, mostly owing to band frontman Mark Foster's time working as a jingle writer. It is often thought of as one of the most upbeat compositions, which makes it easy to forget the song's significantly darker meaning which alludes to homicidal thoughts that plague a young soul. Somehow, this band managed to take a very painful and scary experience and turn it into one of the happiest-sounding songs that is super fun to sing along to. Perhaps we can all follow suit and find a way to inject some cheer into our mundane days. 


Pandemic Playlist is a daily list of songs that will keep you entertained instead of feeling drained while you're isolated at home. Look out for a fresh selection of great tunes from MEAWW to refresh your mood every day!

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