Pandemic Playlist: Our top 5 bouncy Lady Gaga tracks will have you going 'Gaga, ooh la la' all weekend

Need something to keep you entertained since you can't go out and play? Let our daily Pandemic Playlist give you some company!

                            Pandemic Playlist: Our top 5 bouncy Lady Gaga tracks will have you going 'Gaga, ooh la la' all weekend
Lady Gaga (Getty Images)

Hello again, music lovers. We hope you're safely acclimatizing to the coronavirus life and have now comfortably hunkered down in your bunkers at home. And just in case you feel like you're starting to go bonkers, then we've got a great bit of welcome news for you. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, two of the biggest pop stars on the planet have just released a lovely new collaborative track called 'Rain On Me'.

The new single is another preview of Lady Gaga's upcoming album, 'Chromatica' which releases next week on May 29. So if you're a diehard Little Monster who is eager awaiting Miss Gaga's latest album, then this Top 5 pandemix we've prepared for you will sort you out splendidly. It's filled with some of Lady Gaga's biggest bops and is bound to keep you energetically bouncing all weekend long, and perhaps even till the next weekend!

Pandemic Playlist - Lady Gaga Edition 



Let's kick things off with the 2008 smash hit that spawned dozens of other chart-toppers. Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, released this catchy single when she was just 22, and the blazing Billboard No. 1 promptly launched her into the stratosphere and beyond. As most people already know, the song talks about the singer's personal experience with bisexuality. Even though she enjoyed fooling around with a man, Lady Gaga would often catch herself fantasizing about a woman, and hence, had to keep her pa-pa-pa poker face on, so her lover didn't catch on to what was really on her mind!



Another massive 2008 Billboard No. 1 off her dazzling debut album 'Fame', 'Paparazzi', as the name suggests, was about Lady Gaga's struggles with her newfound celebrity status after her career started to take off in a big way. The uptempo dance bop talks about a stalker who is following somebody to grab attention and fame. And as many fans would have caught on by now, Lady Gaga's fascination with verbal alliteration continues in these lyrics as well - "I'm your biggest fan / I'll follow you until you love me / Pa-pa Paparazzi." I mean, come on, even her name "Gaga" is alliterative, this was bound to keep coming up.  

'Bad Romance' 


This 2009 chartbuster was yet another huge hit for Lady Gaga, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It eventually ended up being certified 11 times platinum, and the epic music video also earned the singer a Grammy and an MTV Music Video Award, among numerous other plaudits. The song talks about being in love with one's best friend, and Gaga even sings the chorus's lyrics "I want your love and I want your revenge" in French during the bridge. And yup, you guessed it, this is yet another alliterative offering from Lady Gaga, with lyrics that go "Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah / Roma-roma-ma / Gaga, ooh la-la / Want your bad romance."

'Born This Way'


Lady Gaga just couldn't stop with the Billboard No. 1 hits, could she? This rumbling synth-pop track topped the charts in 2011, and also claimed the number one spot in 25 other countries. The sizzling self-empowerment anthem was described as Gaga as being her freedom song, and was warmly embraced by the LGBTQ community as well as other racial minorities. However, Lady Gaga did receive some flak for the track, as many critics deemed it way too similar to Madonna's 1989 single, 'Express Yourself'. However, since both songs talk about self-empowerment and lifting yourself up, we're willing to let that slide. The world needs more positivity now more than ever, every little bit of reinforcement helps! 

'Rain On Me'


After that romp through Lady Gaga's long history of hits, let's treat our ears to her new collaboration with Ariana Grande, which just released on May 22. This uplifting track which looks at the bright side of life has already gained well over a million hits on YouTube in just a few hours. Lady Gaga referenced the song in a recent heartfelt tweet that read, "If we’re gonna cry, we’re gonna cry together, but we’re gonna dance while we do it. #RainOnMe  #LittleMonsters ⁦@ArianaGrande Let it pour, I’m crying on my porch that I used to not be able to leave, I was stuck. Now I dance on it and sing about how I got through it. "This serves as the perfect teaser to Lady Gaga's upcoming album, 'Chromatica', which will release next weekend. Make sure you stay tuned for that! 

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