Pandemic Playlist: Top 5 home alone bored tracks for you to create some mischief with

Pandemic Playlist: Top 5 home alone bored tracks for you to create some mischief with
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Home alone and bored? Time to create some fun of your own!

Whether you do so by having a long-distance phone call with your neighbor, busting out your best Elvis impersonation, or by creating a whole miniature city that you can terrorize as an invading alien beast, just be sure to have fun! After all, the only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

Minutemen - 'Corona' (or 'The Jackass Theme Song')

The name of this song might be a bit on the nose, but it really is the perfect song to get your home alone shenanigans going. Singer-songwriter Dennes Dale "D" Boon wrote this song after a day trip he made with the rest of the band to Mexico on the Fourth of July in 1982.

It starts out optimistic and cheery, stating "the people will survive" before quickly descending into an impassioned rant about societal injustices getting more specific along the way, ending with a commentary on greed.

It's a song that is so perfectly apt for anyone who needs to blow off some steam while quarantined during an ongoing pandemic that is equal parts demanding social justice and frivolously fun head-banging.


Listen to 'Corona' here.

The Beatles - 'Helter Skelter'

Now that we're all pumped up, time to create some chaos! In your own home, of course. Don't feel like doing the dishes? Don't! Laundry piling up? It'll still be there tomorrow.

This is a song that was made by Paul McCartney to shut his critics up, specifically everyone who accused him of writing too many ballads. He saw Pete Townshend saying The Who's 'I Can See for Miles' was the "raunchiest, loudest, most ridiculous rock and roll record you’ve ever heard".


He decided he would make one that was even more outrageous, one that would be an even more definitive example of progressive rock than the song that inspired it.

McCartney used the ride called helter skelter, is a winding slide going from top to bottom, to symbolize the fall of the Roman Empire in a song so audacious it went on to become one of his most iconic hits.


Which makes it a great track to listen to when you're sick of the rules in your own home. You made them, go ahead and break them every now and then! Let yourself just have some fun.



Elvis Presley - 'A Little Less Conversation' (JXL Radio Edit Remix)

Do you feel yourself getting a little irked by that voice in your head that just won't stop yapping? Well, this one's dedicated to them. Turn it up and tune them out.

Now the classic is obviously a fantastic version all on its own but this remix definitely gives it an added punch that's perfect to switch your brain off to. But an added bonus is the music video which might give you an idea or two on what to do while you're alone at home. Check it out!



Sir Mix-A-Lot - 'Baby Got Back'

The song that talks about women's butts is, surprisingly, about body image and how women often have to struggle against societal expectations of them.


That's right, Sir Mix-A-Lot originally wrote this song due to his frustration with America's narrow and occasionally racist views on 'attractiveness', but what came out of it was a song that achieved viral status long before going viral was even a thing.

It's now one of the people's favorite tracks to dance to while alone, but perhaps this time when you listen to it, you'll hear the message it originally meant to convey as well — your derriere is beautiful just as it is and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!



Grouplove - 'Ways To Go'

With lyrics like "Been working like a dog," "Even when I dream all day," and "Don’t wanna sleep tonight," this song already speaks to us all. And we've all certainly got a ways to go, we're all patiently waiting to get over that final hurdle that's keeping us cooped up.


It's tough times for us all, but Grouplove somehow manages to make it feel so much better with this track that is the perfect accompaniment to creating a bit of mischief just for fun.

And if that isn't enough, it even features a tiny Kim Jong-un getting up to some home alone shenanigans of his own, while also advocating for peace, fun and joy.




Pandemic Playlist is a daily list of songs that will keep you entertained instead of feeling drained while you're isolated at home. Look out for a fresh selection of great tunes from MEAWW to refresh your mood every day!

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