Pandemic Playlist: Our Top 5 Bad Company tunes in celebration of Brian Howe's contributions to the band

In tribute to his lasting impact and legacy on the music industry, here are our favorite Brian Howe tunes for your listening pleasure

                            Pandemic Playlist: Our Top 5 Bad Company tunes in celebration of Brian Howe's contributions to the band
Brian Howe of Bad Company (Getty Images)

Hey there, music lovers! As the ongoing coronavirus continues to spread its grisly tentacles over the planet, it's now up to us to make sure we're all staying happy and healthy from the comfort of our homes in order to combat this COVID-19 crisis. In view of the rock icon Brian Howe's recent passing, we've decided to pay tribute to the legendary vocalist with some stellar Bad Company tunes. He recently passed away aged 66 after suffering a heart attack at his Florida home. 

A celebrated and hugely talented singer, Brian Howe was the vocalist for the British rock supergroup Bad Company from 1986 to 1992, bringing them back to platinum-record-selling contention and renewed worldwide fame over the course of five albums in eight years. Prior to filling the big boots of the incredible Paul Rodgers, Howe had initially found success singing for guitar wizard Ted Nugent and later went on to release three solo albums of his own after parting ways with Bad Company. So in tribute to his lasting impact and legacy on the music industry, here are our favorite Brian Howe tunes for your listening pleasure!

Pandemic Playlist - Brian Howe edition

'If You Needed Somebody' - Bad Company



Let's kick things off with this classic gem from Bad Company's platinum-selling album, 1990's 'Holy Water'. Howe's voice is so genuine and heartfelt that's it's impossible to not keep replaying this masterpiece. A fan shared his honest thoughts on his singing abilities in the video's comments section, saying, "Brian Howe changed everyone's mind. His voice was an unmistakable presence in my teenage years. You could hear the soul and emotion of the song in his voice alone. Some men strive for immortality by constructing large buildings and putting their names on it or throwing truckloads of money at something. Brian Howe did it by simply singing." 

'Something About You' - Bad Company 



This song, off Bad Company's 1988 album 'Dangerous Age' is a classic time-honored ballad that celebrates the wonders of love. Brian Howe's lovely clean vocals and incredible range are a testament to his singing ability and presence as a legendary frontman, and the lyrics are lovely as well - "And I can't believe the way that you know me / You sense every mood, you know when I'm blue / But here in my heart, there's mixed up emotions / There's something about you."

'Holy Water' - Bad Company 



The driving title track off Bad Company's mega-popular 1990 album of the same name, 'Holy Water' helped solidify their legacy and proved that Brian Howe was more than capable of lifting the band to heights they never thought they'd reach again after Paul Rodgers departed. His incendiary vocal ability on this hard-rocking record helped the album receive significant radio airplay, with five singles off the album eventually making the charts. 'Holy Water' would go on to sell more than a million units in total, a fitting reward for one of Bad Company's best efforts. 

'How About That' - Bad Company 



This song off Bad Company's 1992 album, 'Here Comes Trouble' is another underrated classic that deserves more love and appreciation. Although it would prove to be Brian Howe's last studio record with the band, his excellence as a vocalist remains unmatched in this lovely blues-soaked rock ballad. The song also became yet another a Top 40 hit when the album was released, another testament to Howe's amazing power vocals and aching high notes. How about that, indeed?

'I'll Get Even' - Megadeth 



Brian Howe was not just known for his vocal contributions to Bad Company, he was a prolific songwriter, as showcased by his three stellar solo albums. He teamed up with metal titans Megadeth in 1997 to help co-write the track 'I'll Get Even' off their record 'Cryptic Writings'. The song has awesome lines throughout, as was expected from someone of Brian Howe's caliber. Here's a sampling of his immense writing ability - "I'll be standing in the shadows / With who I used to be / He's slightly schizophrenic / Me and me and me and me agree / That you are gonna pay / For what you did to me /Ah, I'll get even with you!"

The legend will be sorely missed!

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