Coronavirus: Iran is burying victims 'on top of each other' due to lack of cemeteries, says model Megan Pormer

The Iranian-American model talks about how the lack of infrastructure is making it difficult to provide help in the coronavirus-hit country

                            Coronavirus: Iran is burying victims 'on top of each other' due to lack of cemeteries, says model Megan Pormer
Megan Pormer (Courtesy of the model)

With the coronavirus reaching over 100 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the virus a global pandemic. Some of the worst-hit countries include China, Italy, and Iran amongst several others. Iran has seen around 10,075 confirmed cases of the virus and has recorded around 429 deaths. 

It is suspected that Iran delayed acknowledging the spread of the virus in their country and are under-reporting cases. Iranian-American model Megan Pormer has been working hand in hand with medical professionals and companies in Beverly Hills to send critical medicine and supplies to Iran. 

While speaking to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Pormer shared, "There is absolutely zero infrastructure. People are falling on the street and dying. People are collapsing on the streets of Iran and mainstream media isn’t covering any of that. The government of Iran just announced that they don’t have enough cemeteries and the victims of the coronavirus are being buried on top of each other."

Even though the United States has eased sanctions against Iran, owing to poor infrastructure, help is still not reaching those who have been affected by the crisis. Pormer explained, "There hasn’t been any infrastructure in place as a result of decades of sanctions. For example, I’m doing everything I can to send medical supplies to the people in Iran and the fastest way to get anything there are a few weeks."

"I’ve been running around to find people who are going to the Middle East to take supplies with them but not many people are allowed to travel in and out. I’ve tried many shipping companies and they are denying sending anything to Iran as they haven’t done that for decades," she revealed. 

She went on to share how "none of the major franchise shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS work with Iran."

"There’s only one private shipping company in Iran who takes thousands of dollars to ship small items and it takes weeks and months to get them delivered. And there’s still no guarantee that the custom would allow that," she shared. 

Pormer is heartbroken for fellow Iranians who are suffering, crying, and dying as they make their way through "one of the most horrific times in history". '

"My love, passion, and prayers are with them and I’m doing whatever it takes to be of service to my people," Pormer added. 

When asked what the country can do to be more effective to help those affected, Pormer opined that "surrendering to end this civil war between the US and Iran to help people" is the way forward.

"In times like these, to save over 80 million people, its time to put your hand out, ask for help and the entire country will thrive afterward which is my ultimate wish," she added. 

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