'I think his virginity is a lie': Corinne Olympios shades Colton Underwood

Reality TV star Corinne Olympios throws shade at Bachelor Colton Underwood and believes that he is lying about his virginity

                            'I think his virginity is a lie': Corinne Olympios shades Colton Underwood

Reality TV star Corinne Olympios from the show 'Bachelor in Paradise' threw some shade at Bachelor star Colton Underwood, saying that his claim of virginity is a lie. 

While appearing on the 'Domenick Nati Show', Corinne said she detected "insincere feelings" from Colton and believed that only time will tell how things pan out. She also added that she was rooting for Blake to become 'The Bachelor'. However, as she put it, given Colton's popularity and him being a crowd favorite, he was able to secure the role over Blake. She also had some advice to give Colton and said, "Don't let the fame get to your head," before adding that she dislikes guys who tend to get cocky. 


Corinne also shared her thoughts on the shocking twist in the 'Bachelor Vietnam,' which went from the usual and conventional reality TV to a viral sensation. Two of the female contestants on the show chose to give up the idea of competing for the eligible bachelor and decided to take off with each other instead. Corinne spoke about how there have been a few romances and things like that but they have never been highlighted this way before. 

When asked whether this sort of incident would ever happen in America, Corinne responded by saying, "That was very intense. Maybe in this day and age, yeah this could happen in America but before this year or the last, I don't think that anyone in America would have the balls to do that on the Bachelor show or Bachelorette". 

Corinne was also asked about whether she would ever accept the role of the 'Bachelorette' if it was offered to her to which she replied saying, "If offered the role and I was single at the time, then I would do it but no, there is no word on me being the bachelorette right now". 


When it comes to picking a favorite Bachelor contestant from 2018, Corinne revealed that her favorite contestant would be Jordan. "He really played his audience and I think that he is a very great guy and I am so sorry for what happened to him," she shared. She also revealed who her least favorite contestant was and shared that it would be Taylor from her season. "Past all the drama, she is not my cup of tea really!" she added. 

She also addressed her love life and shared that she is currently seeing someone named John who is not in the industry. She revealed that the pair has been together for around 6 months and that their relationship is going great. However, when it comes to marriage she shared that the couple was very much in love and wanted to be together forever, but of course, they would take things step by step.