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Corey Feldman’s alleged abuser Marty Weiss slams pedophile docu as con job, says he's preparing legal response

When asked about Feldman's allegations in his new documentary '(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys', Weiss told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), "I am currently determining a legal response"
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

One of Corey Feldman's alleged abusers, Marty Weiss, has slammed the actor's recently-released documentary '(My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys', where he mentioned 80's talent manager Weiss as one of the people who molested him when he was a child actor. 

Feldman had long promised an exposé of high-profile celebrities in Hollywood who engage in pedophilia and continue to work in the entertainment industry. The actor, in his documentary, on March 10, revealed the names of Charlie Sheen, Weiss, Jon Grissom, and Alphy Hoffman among the men who sexually assaulted him and his late best friend Corey Haim when they were children. 

Weiss, a registered sex offender, however, took to Twitter shortly after the release of the film to suggest Feldman was "a liar" and was possibly "conning people for their money."

"Why would Corey Feldman use my name?" Weiss wrote on March 10. "To make money from gullible followers. To falsely take credit for outing something in my past. To bash the Haim family. To separate himself from our friendship so no one would ever question if he and I have something in common. #Truth."

Weiss, 54, was a child talent manager in Hollywood and was sentenced to prison in 2012 on child molestation charges after singer Evan Henzi approached authorities. He served a six months prison sentence and was made to sign the sex offenders' register. Feldman, later, accused Weiss of molesting him too. Weiss now states he is on a path of redemption. 

Corey Feldman, and Corey Haim (R) attend the A&E Premiere Of 'The Two Coreys' held at Sugar nightclub on July 27, 2007 in Hollywood California. (Getty Images)

When asked about Feldman's allegations in his new documentary, Weiss told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) he was preparing a legal statement to respond to the accusations.

"I appreciate you reaching out to me for comment regarding Corey Feldman and his false allegations," he said in a statement. "I am currently determining a legal response. My official response thus far must be limited to my tweets. Please feel free to read through those."

The 54-year-old also questioned Feldman's intentions in his new film: "Why would Corey Feldman try to make Corey Haim look like a druggie sex addict if they were BFFs?" he asked on Twitter. "Why would he attack Haim’s mother whom CH so dearly loved, they were BFFs? Why would he destroy the Haim family’s sacred day of mourning for a lost son/brother if they were BFFs?" The film portrays Feldman's friend, Haim, as obsessed with sex in his teens and a drug addict. Feldman, in his film, also slammed Haim's mother, Judy Haim, for allegedly orchestrating attacks against him through an online group called the Wolfpack. 
"Is it possible Corey Feldman is a liar (the Haim and me story) and procurer (setting up Haim and possibly others to be molested by Dominick Brascia) and Protector (the man who backed his emancipation and Paul Reubens) and a supporter (Ginger Lynn)? Is he conning people for their money?" Weiss tweeted.

"From experience, I do feel somewhat sorry for Corey Feldman. I do believe there were sexual encounters with John Grissom and Ginger Lynn when he was underage in addition to neglect and verbal parental abuse. But he must stop taking it out on the Haims and get intervention/therapy," he added. 

Feldman, prior to his film's release, had said that he was keeping a promise to his best friend to reveal to the world about the sexual and emotional abuse they had to go through.