Cordova shooting victim was holding a paper with suspect’s license plate number when he was shot dead

Cordova shooting victim was holding a paper with suspect’s license plate number when he was shot dead

The victim in the Cordova, Tennessee shooting last week was found holding a major clue when he was fatally shot by the suspect.

According to new information revealed in a police affidavit, Bryan Scott Hervey was found with a piece of paper in his hand with "BHN 561 dark" written on it, which turned out to be the suspect's license plate number.

Hervey was found dead last Wednesday, May 15, near his home on Linnean Cove at around 2:30 am.

According to the police report of the incident, a home surveillance video showed Hervey running to his front door screaming for help while gunshots were heard in the background.

Court documents state that Hervey monitored activity as part of his neighborhood watch. However, his neighbors refuted the claim, saying he wasn't an official part of the neighborhood watch group. It is not yet clear whether there is an active neighborhood watch in the region, however, people who live in the area say security comes from the firm hired by the HOA, according to WMC Action News.

Police in DeSoto County arrested the suspect, identified as Bryant Ward, shortly after the shooting. Ward reportedly lives down the street from Hervey. The arrest was made after officials stopped at his home and spotted a dark car with the license plate number BHN 651.


Ward's sister reportedly told authorities that she was in the car with him when Hervey drove by. According to her, the two made eye contact and her brother became upset and started firing shots. She added that she followed Hervey's car while her brother leaned out of the window and began shooting at the victim.

Over two dozen shell casings were found by the investigators at the crime scene and the incident was captured by multiple surveillance cameras in the area.

Herve's neighbor Henry Sherrod told the outlet: "One thing for sure, we’ve got cameras around everywhere. Nine times out of 10 they’re going to see because there are cameras everywhere. I’ve got a camera in my house."

Ward, who is a veteran, appeared in court on Tuesday on a first-degree murder charge and is set to reappear on May 29. His military status is currently under review which could result in him in participating in the veteran’s court rehabilitation program.

It is not yet clear whether Ward's sister will face any charges in the case.

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