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Cops tell UI victim Kaylee Goncalves' parents that examining 'sloppy' suspect's crime scene will take time

'This wasn’t like a pinpoint crime. This person was sloppy,' said Kaylee's father Steve Goncalves
UPDATED NOV 22, 2022
Kaylee Goncalves was one of the victims in the quadruple murder of 4 University of Idaho off-campus students (Instagram/@kayleegoncalves)
Kaylee Goncalves was one of the victims in the quadruple murder of 4 University of Idaho off-campus students (Instagram/@kayleegoncalves)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: The investigation into the November 13 quadruple murder of four University of Idaho off-campus students will take time, the parents of one of the victims have reportedly said. With the town and the community on edge, the police have maintained that the attack was targeted and that the community should feel safe as many have been called back by parents for fear as the suspect remains out at large.

Many legal experts have drawn comparisons of the 'crime scene' of Idaho students similar to that of the serial killer, Ted Bundy in the Chi Omega sorority massacre of 1978 and Gainesville Ripper's grisly murders of 1990. However, the latest reports reveal the "sloppy" killer has left a "mess" with lots of evidence for law enforcement agencies to deal with which can prolong the crime scene investigations.


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Steve and Kristi Goncalves, whose daughter Kaylee was one of the four students killed at an off-campus house on November 13, said police have told them that examining the chaotic crime scene will take time. “They’re telling us that there’s so much evidence that it’s going to take a lot of time to process it all,” Steve Goncalves told Fox News on Sunday, 20 November. “This wasn’t like a pinpoint crime. This person was sloppy,” he added.

Police have not been able to confirm whether they have DNA from the suspect, according to the grieving parents, but officials have set up a mobile unit at the scene of the horrific crime to try to "expedite things." The killer “made a mess there, and they’re going to have to go through that point by point,” Kaylee's father added further.

During a news conference on Sunday, November 20, authorities from the Moscow Police Department asked for patience as they begin the second week of their investigation into the quadruple homicide. Police were unable to provide any details, but they remain of the opinion that the attack was targeted. The police are also of the view that it will take time to solve the case, as per the New York Post.

“It was a complex and terrible crime and it will take some time to resolve. We believe they’re targeted because we take a totality of all the circumstances we’re looking at. Do we know any one person that was targeted? We’re not able to say at this point in time due to our investigation, but we still believe that” said Moscow Police Chief James Fry, as per the outlet.