Cop 'gently escorts' woman in Trump hat at Capitol, Internet says 'because they're White' after video goes viral

People were quick to remind how police officers were harsh to BLM protesters, how an elderly person was shoved to the ground and hospitalized

                            Cop 'gently escorts' woman in Trump hat at Capitol, Internet says 'because they're White' after video goes viral
The police officer holds the woman's hand, 'escorting' her (screengrab/Twitter/DaniBeck)

A video from the Wednesday, January 6, violent protests at the Capitol has gone viral as it showed a police officer responsible for handling the demonstrators holding the hand of a rioter. Several pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, DC as they demonstrated against the certification of Joe Biden. 

As per reports, though police later used tear gas and rubber bullets on the rioters, on January 6 they seemed more courteous towards them. A video shared on Twitter showed an officer removing the woman, who was wearing a Trump hat, from the steps of the Capitol, but not in an aggressive way. “You will not believe your eyes. A police officer is holding the hand of a domestic terrorist as he kindly escorts her down the steps. I have no words,” a user who posted the footage on Twitter said. It soon went viral with many people commenting on it. Several also compared the situation to the 2020’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that saw many getting arrested by police. Cops were also reportedly more hostile towards BLM protesters.


One Twitter user said, “I just remember when police shoved that old man, and he landed on the back of his head, and wasn't able to walk, all for showing up to peacefully protest at a BLM protest And then f*****g this?” Author Don Winslow commented, “This just in: You can attack and vandalize the capitol of the United States and the Capitol Police will: -Escort you inside -Take selfies with you inside -Escort you back outside -Let you walk away without arrest.”



Another user even gave an explanation for the officer’s behavior by saying, “Because they are White.” “Apparently, if you participate in an uprising invading the Capitol you get gently escorted outside holding an officer’s hand, but if you are an elder approaching some officers during a protest you get knocked to the ground. Note: the guy was hospitalized for almost a month,” a person wrote on Twitter, while the fifth user suggested: “Every officer that participated should be immediately put on administrative leave without pay and fired.”




“See- deep down inside, I see it, &I know this is just how things should be for all. But then the buggers have, teargassed, & shot unarmed civilians for demanding they be treated like humans... & I'm upset that such a double standard can so openly exist. For a Terrorist even…” the sixth one noted.


However, there were a few who defended the officer’s action. A person said, “The person looks feeble. Maybe confused. Maybe handicapped. Maybe caught up in something they did not intend. IDK, but given the video of the person what would you have done? Pushed? Shot? Handcuffed? Seriously, what?” The second one asked, “Would you have been happier if he struck her?” “While I share the broad tenor of your reaction to the police response here, I'm actually pretty sure that's a handcuff/restraint of some kind he's got on her there,” the third user added.




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