Cop who accidentally shot friend dead after a drinking session kills himself in knee-jerk response

Flavio de Oliveira, 31, fatally shot Matheus Castro, 20, at point blank range by accident before getting out of his car to see his dying friend and then proceeding to kill himself

                            Cop who accidentally shot friend dead after a drinking session kills himself in knee-jerk response

An off-duty cop who had apparently spent the afternoon drinking at a bar with his friends in Goiania, central west Brazil fatally shot his friend in the head by accident before realizing his mistake and turning the gun on himself.

31-year-old Flavio de Oliveira, who had recently graduated from military police school, had planned to drive home after socializing last Thursday. He was inside his car and chatting to his mates who were gathered around the vehicle when a single shot rang out.

It was later found that the bullet hit Matheus Castro, a 20-year-old student, at point-blank range when he was sitting astride his motorbike close to the open window on the passenger side, Daily Mail reports.


The victim's bike toppled over as he fell to the ground, causing everyone to scatter in shock. While he was immediately rushed to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries from the single shot.

Right after the incident, a desperate Oliveira was seen in a CCTV footage released by authorities getting out of his car and walking around to the opposite side to check what happened to his friend who lay dying on the sidewalk. The embattled cop took a moment to realize what he had done before walking back to the driver's side and taking out the weapon. Without hesitation, he proceeded to shoot himself in the head. The video showed his body slumping forward and then resting on the car door. Responding paramedics declared him dead at the scene.

The officer had allegedly been drinking heavily with his friends for several hours at the bar, witnesses reported. This may have impaired Oliveira's judgment when he was supposed to handle the firearm with "due care", according to homicide detective Magda D'Avila.

Detective D'Avila said: "We believe he had his gun with him all the time and was about to drive home when he decided to pull out the weapon to show it off and it accidentally went off. When he saw what he had apparently done, it seems he took the instant decision to take his own life. He was a newly qualified military police officer and we are looking at whether his inexperience with handling a loaded weapon contributed to this incident."

That said, forensic investigative officers are now trying to determine from the security footage whether the shot was accidental or if the weapon had malfunctioned.