'Dirty John': Will Connie Britton be able to bring home Bravo's first Golden Globe?

With contenders like Amy Adams, Patricia Arquette, Laura Dern and Regina King will Britton be able to bring it home for Bravo?

                            'Dirty John': Will Connie Britton be able to bring home Bravo's first Golden Globe?

It has been an exciting year for Bravo. Not only did the network bring out its highest-rated scripted telecast ever with 'Dirty John', but it is also very close to bringing home its first-ever Golden Globe.  Connie Britton, who stars in the podcast turned TV series has been nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, for her portrayal of Debra Newell, a California-based interior designer who falls in love with a conman after meeting him on an online dating site.

However, with contenders like Amy Adams (for 'Sharp Objects'), Patricia Arquette (for 'Escape at Dannemora'), Laura Dern (for 'The Tale') and Regina King (for 'Seven Seconds') will Britton be able to hit the home run?


While this nomination is the first for the network, this is Britton's second Golden Globe nomination in the same category. She was nominated for her portrayal of Rayna James on CMT's 'Nashville' in 2013. Unfortunately, James couldn't sing her way through this one and Britton lost out on the award to Claire Danes, who won it for her kick-a** role of CIA agent Carrie Mathison in Showtime's 'Homeland'. However, while her character in 'Nashville' was complex, layered and her performance almost impeccable, Debra Newell has been a different ball game altogether and in the best way possible.


The last time she was nominated, her contenders were the likes of Glenn Close (Patty Hewes in FX's 'Damages'), Michelle Suzanne Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley in ITV's 'Downtown Abbey') and Julianna Margulies (Alicia Florrick in CBS' 'The Good Wife'). While we absolutely loved her as Rayna, the character did not really stand a chance competing against those performances. With Debra Newell, however, there's a chance she may just win this year, considering how she goes from damsel in distress to intelligent as hell heroine in a matter of the first six episodes.


You cannot help but be in awe of Britton this time. She has managed to evoke emotions of frustration, borderline rage, pity and astonishment through her character to such an extent that even though the show is about Erica Bana's criminal mastermind John Meehan, you know Debra is the heart of the show.

The terror in her eyes is real and so is everything else - she's conned us right. It has been wonderful to watch her on the screen so far, as she transforms from an aging woman who is rich, stupid and refuses to use her brains after being blinded by infatuation, to this sharp, manipulative and feisty character who tries to con the conman.


Even though Britton does truly have a great chance of winning this year, we cannot forget that she's going up against Adams, Arquette, Dern, and King, all of whom have been a part of incredible limited series this year. Take Adams for example. In 'Sharp Objects', her performance as Camille Preaker was intense and extremely disturbing, to say the least - but she was so good, you didn't really mind having a jumbled mind later on.

Arquette's vengeful, trashy and delusional Joyce 'Tillie' Mitchell in 'Escape at Dannemora' too is someone who shines just as much. Regina King won an Emmy for her role in 'Seven Seconds'. So what gives Britton the edge?


Britton's edge may lie in the fact that while almost all her fellow nominees have had great performances, their popularity also has a lot to do with the shows they are in. As for 'Dirty John', if you take Britton out of the equation, there isn't much left for us to watch on the show.

Bana is a treat, of course, but it is Britton's acting that really brings out the rest of the colors of the show. Would Meehan be as scary if she wasn't as innocent? She holds the rest of the performances together and while we cannot be certain if she will win, we surely do hope so. Britton is worthy of the honor. 

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