53-year-old Connecticut man comes out as gay during Pride parade, finds out wife and son are also homosexuals

Bruce Downer, 53, said he didn't know his wife was gay despite being married to her for around 23 years

                            53-year-old Connecticut man comes out as gay during Pride parade, finds out wife and son are also homosexuals

Sunday's Pride parade became a family "outing" event for a man from Connecticut who had come out of the closet after being married for 23 years and had learned that his former wife and youngest son were also gay. 

While sporting a homemade tiara, Bruce Downer shared that he has never felt better after finally revealing his secret given he had kept it hidden for around two decades.

The 53-year-old registered nurse who resides in Middleton said, "I was married to a woman for 23 years but that’s all gone. I finally was strong enough to say I don’t want to live this life anymore, I don’t want to continue to live a lie. I wanted to live my true life," as reported by NY Post

Bruce Downer and his son Tyler Christian both came out as gay and attended Sunday's Pride parade together (Facebook)

Post their divorce in 2017, Bruce's wife had admitted that she was a lesbian and is currently engaged.

Bruce, who was partaking in the event for the third consecutive year, said, "I didn’t know she was gay and she didn’t know I was gay and we were married for 23 years."

However, Bruce's journey and realization also inspired his son Tyler to come to terms about his true self as well and the 23-year-old told his parents that he was gay too.

"I sort of knew before he told me. It was easy to talk to him because I knew he would understand," Tyler shared.

Tyler further revealed how he sometimes knocks heads with his father but just because they are very much alike.

"I learn some things from my father but sometimes it’s stressful because I always feel like he is critiquing me about what I’m doing because he is the same," Tyler shared. 

He also has a 24-year-old older brother who is straight.

While Bruce's former wife has moved on, he is still single and looking. "I am now very happy. I love the person I am, no self-hatred. Today, I’m celebrating with my community. It makes me feel so proud," he shared.

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