'The Simpsons' Season 32: Release date, plot, cast, guest stars, trailer and all you need to know about the long-running satire

'The Simpsons' Season 32: Release date, plot, cast, guest stars, trailer and all you need to know about the long-running satire
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America's favorite family is all set to return for its 32nd season on the air. 'The Simpsons' Season 32 is set to begin in 2020 despite delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to push the hilarious adventures of Springfield's first family to new limits with new ridiculous situations and celebrity guest stars.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season:

Release Date

'The Simpsons' Season 32 will premiere on Fox on September 27, 2020.



'The Simpsons' is a comedic anthology following the misadventures of an average middle-class family in the fictional city of Springfield. It is by far the most popular adult animated series of all time and continues to amaze and amuse all these years later. 


'The Simpsons' features Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer as the voices of most major characters including Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and many more. Starting with Season 32, Hank Azaria has announced that he will no longer be voicing the highly controversial character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a caricature of Indian people. That announcement has also led to the show declaring that it will no longer have white actors voicing non-white characters.


Guest Stars

During the show's 'The [email protected]' panel that was released as part of [email protected] 2020, it was revealed that Season 32 will feature Hannibal Buress, Olivia Coleman, Ben Platt, David Harbour, and Sir Michael Palin in guest roles.


Matt Groening

Matt Groening is the creator of 'The Simpsons' and an American cartoonist, writer, producer, and animator. While 'The Simpsons' is his most famous and longest-running project, he is also the creator behind the sci-fi comedy 'Futurama' and Netflix's 'Disenchantment'.



While a trailer for the season hasn't been released yet, two clips from the upcoming 'Treehouse of Horror XXXI' were featured during the show's Comic-Con 2020 panel. You can check out the whole panel featuring Al Jean, Matt Selman, David Silverman, Carolyn Omine, Mike B. Anderson, and moderator Yeardley Smith here.



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