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Comic-Con 2020: 'The New Mutants' panel surprises fans with opening scene featuring Blu Hunt as Mirage

At Comic-Con 2020's virtual panel of 'The New Mutants', the opening scene of the film was shared with fans and it was intense and this has increased excitement among followers
(20th Century Studios)
(20th Century Studios)

April 13, 2018, February 22, 2019, August 2, 2019, and April 3, 2020, What do these dates have in common? These are the dates that the Josh Boone directorial 'New Mutants' was slated to release and was postponed repeatedly. Now, at the Comic-Con 2020 panel, the makers have shared another date! August 28, 2020, but they also added a disclaimer. They wrote, "fingers crossed". So hoping all goes well, we will finally be able to watch the Masie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Blu Hunt, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, and Henry Zaga starrer on August 28. 

As the cast and director Josh Boone took part in a panel where they discussed characters, scenes and more, what was clear was that this team was as frustrated but excited about the release of the film as fans were. After the number of times that the movie was rescheduled, many had thought the film was shelved but it did come this far and to keep the fans' excitement alive, the opening scene featuring Hunt as Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage was shared. 


The scene sees Moonstar being woken up in the middle of the night by her father as a fire rages outside and she is taken to a hiding spot. Her father tells her to stay safe as he returns to help the others, but he is burnt to smithereens in the fire, and Moonstar who sees this is heavily traumatized. She tries to run away as fast as she can to get away from whatever is wreaking havoc but she is unsuccessful. That is the moment that she wakes up handcuffed to a bed in what looks like a medical ward. Where is she? 

She is at a place where she can be allowed to be herself -- a Mutant -- without being worried about the repercussions of using her power or the prejudice that society holds towards her species. Here, as Cecilia Reyes says, they can be themselves without worrying about getting committed to a psych ward. Then we see a rush of scenes, all pointing at one direction and that is the coming together of the New Mutants to fight something dark and disturbing. It is in the form of a bear, and considering the opening, there is a lot of intrigue here. 

Since the unveiling of the opening scene, fans have shared how excited they are for the release and are also hoping that it does make it to the screens this time. One fan wrote on Twitter, "I am so excited for this movie! It looks so amazing and can’t wait to see it! #NewMutantsComicConAtHome #NewMutants." Another fan shared, "As a survivor of trauma #newmutantsmagik has always meant the world to me, can't wait to (finally) see her in #NewMutants." An excited fan also shared, "Y’all when I tell you I am so ready for this film! The new footage shown has me so extremely hyped to see all of my mutant babies on the screen! #NewMutantsComicConAtHome."