Comic-Con 2020: 5 things Marvel's 'Helstrom' Hulu series needs to get right to satisfy the character's fanbase

The Hulu show will have a panel during [email protected] on July 24 during which a trailer or first look for the series is expected to be released

                            Comic-Con 2020: 5 things Marvel's 'Helstrom' Hulu series needs to get right to satisfy the character's fanbase
(Marvel Comics)

Fans have been waiting for Marvel's 'Helstrom' series for quite some time now. The Hulu show will be having a panel during [email protected] on Friday, July 24, during which a trailer or first look for the series is expected to be released. We actually thought this show might not happen for the longest time and now that it is coming, there are just a few things we want the series to get right. So without further ado, here are the 5 things we think the show needs to do to satisfy its fanbase:

Darker tone

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its family-friendly films but as proven by the Marvel Netflix shows, there is a market for darker content set in the MCU. 'Helstrom' wouldn't just be better with a darker tone, it actively requires it in order to tell the kind of stories fans of Daimon Helstrom's (Tom Austen) comic book counterpart have come to expect over the years.

Variant cover for 'Hellstorm: Son of Satan' #1 (Marvel Comics)

More violence

With darker themes, it's obvious that we would also need an uptick in violence from what the MCU usually delivers. After all, the Helstrom siblings are literally the children of the Devil although the show is apparently demoting their father to mere serial killer status. You might think Daimon is the violent one but he's nothing compared to his sister Satana, who in the show will be called Ana Helstrom and will be played by Sydney Lemmon. And if she's anything like her comics counterpart, expect a lot of blood to follow in her wake.

Sibling relationship and rivalry

The Helstroms have a unique relationship in the comics, caused partly by the fact that while Daimon grew up human, Satana was raised a demon. They do love each other and care for one another on some level but they're also bitter rivals who would probably destroy each other if they didn't have so many mutual enemies they could team up and annihilate.

Variant cover for 'Strikeforce' #1 (Marvel Comics)

Cameos by other heroes

While the show might exist in its own bubble, it is still a part of the MCU and that means we could have cameos by a number of mystical heroes. Mainly, we would love it if we could see Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) pop in for a brief appearance. Strange has had multiple run-ins with both the Helstrom siblings in the comics and he shares an interesting dynamic with them, especially Ana. Plus, they've both been liked to characters like Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), Ghost Rider, Blade (Mahershala Ali) and the Midnight Sons. We would love to see those relationships carry forward into the series, though whether that's likely or not we'll just have to wait and find out.

Anti-heroes not heroes

One thing about Daimon and Ana that the show should not meddle with is the fact that they are not superheroes, not even on their best days. Yes, they may protect the innocent in their own way and they have saved the world on more than one occasion but they are both more than willing to take steps that your average Avenger would never dream of. The Helstrom siblings are anti-heroes at best and villains at worst and that's something the show needs to maintain to stay faithful to the source material.

'Helstrom' will arrive on Hulu on October 16.

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