Comic-Con 2019: SyFy's 'Van Helsing' drops season 4 trailer and a sneak peek of its premiere episode

Comic-Con 2019: SyFy's 'Van Helsing' drops season 4 trailer and  a sneak peek of its premiere episode

The SDCC 2019 panel for SyFy's 'Van Helsing' saw a lot of action as the cast and crew of the show opened up about their upcoming season. A sneak peek of the premiere episode was also aired and the creators dropped the trailer of 'Van Helsing' season 4, which has got fans fascinated with how dark the upcoming season is set to be. Kelly Overton [who called in remotely], Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Neal McDonough, Jennifer Cheon Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Aleks Paunovic, Keeya King, and Nicole Munoz along with executive producers Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev and showrunner Jonathan Llyod Walker were present at the panel. 

The trailer itself featured a lot of fights alluding to showdowns that will take place between The Boss, the Dark One and Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) and her allies. Earlier, the roles that would be played by actors Keeya King and Nicole Munoz were not revealed, but the cat's out of the bag now with the panel at SDCC 2019. It was revealed that King will play the role of Jack while Munoz will portray the role of Neal McDonough's Boss' daughter Violet. 


At the SDCC 2019 'Van Helsing' Panel. (Source: Twitter)

At the panel, both King and Munoz revealed that they will be getting into a lot of fights in the upcoming season. Munoz said, "There’s so much punching and kicking and fighting this season," and Helfer, who plays the role of Dracula in season four added, "Being Dracula has been terrifying. If I gave too much attention to it, I’d be paralyzed with fear."



The lead star, Overton who had to sit out the panel this time as she is pregnant, called in for the panel and said that she was bummed about not being able to be a part of the SDCC panel this year. She also thanked her fans for the support and then added, "The fights this season are so emotionally charged. I love that I get to bring that.”




Jonathan Lloyd Walker took over as the showrunner for the upcoming season from Neil LaBute and about working on the show he said, "I was given the opportunity to take the show in a new direction while still keeping the core of #VanHelsing the same."

Van Helsing season 4 will delve deeper into the lore of the vampires and their ultimate goals for this world, revealed Walker earlier in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He also said, "New villains will rise along with unexpected heroes joining the fight. We have a fantastic build planned for this season and I'm thrilled to share it with our dedicated fans."


Producer Alex Paunovic also revealed at the panel about how he approached WWE star Paul Wight to be a part of the upcoming season. He said, “I tweeted at him!”

Once the trailer dropped everybody was focused on that and justifiably so, who would want to miss out on that gore and action? 

Van Helsing is set to premiere its season 4 this Fall.

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