Comic book writer Tom King to write dystopian drama series 'States of America'

Tom King has always given his characters a more humane dimension, and it will be interesting to see a dystopian America being created by the writer.

                            Comic book writer Tom King to write dystopian drama series 'States of America'

Comic book writer Tom King is all set to write a dystopian drama series, called 'States of America', which is said to put together "the thrill and intrigue of speculative fiction with the modern fears and anxiety of the War on Terror" while exploring "a world where the old, small differences that divide this country have become the war cries of new nations.” The series comes from the 2018 Eisner Award-winning writer whose 2012 novel 'A Once Crowded Sky' deals with the loss of power of superheroes, both figuratively and literally. 

King's series will be developed by the Golden Globe award-winning producer Playground and First Look Media's Topic Studios. The series is set against a backdrop where the United States has been divided following a war and is now under the uncomfortably peaceful rule of foreign forces. The dystopian series takes into consideration some of the already existing deep-rooted issues of discrimination that are already prevalent in the States. It is no longer a nation which stands united but has divided itself and has fallen from fame. The series is meant to deal with contemporary issues which include the War on Terror. 

Formerly designated as a counterterrorism operations officer for the CIA, King earned acclamation for several of his works on comics including DC's 'Nightwing', 'The Omega Man', 'The Sheriff of Babylon', Marvel's 'The Vision', and he is reportedly currently working on DC's 'Mister Miracle' and 'Batman'. His most noted work, however, remains 'Batman #50'. His miniseries 'Heroes in Crisis' will debut in September. King's expertise lies in the fact that his superheroes are nothing close to the other-worldly gods that comic fans have always been introduced to. 

King does away with the pomp and glamour surrounding a superhero. Instead, his characters are everyday human beings who are inflicted with trauma and stress, not only physically but mentally as well. Probably that is what makes his characters much more relatable than other superheroes. King has revolutionized the characters and his way of dealing with human dilemma can be seen in Mitch Gerads' 2015 Vertigo title, 'The Sheriff of Babylon'. 

He has put his CIA training into work there and has brought out a part of the American army which has never been brought into the limelight before. His portrayal of the US soldiers who occupied the Middle East as "Gods" is only for a matter of time before they are broken down to the ground under the influence of the reality of the situation. King portrays the saviors, the so-called "Gods", just as flawed as the ones whom they are trying to save. 

In a press release, Scott Huff, EVP, Development, and Production at Playground, expressed the company's excitement in working with King on the new project, "Tom King is one of the most successful writers working in comics today, and we’re excited to be bringing his unique voice to television. With 'States of America', he has created a thrilling and provocative alternate reality, grounded in his firsthand knowledge of counterterrorism and global politics."