Michael McIntyre jokes he will move to Dublin after moped gang attack in London

After falling victim to a violent moped attack earlier this week, the famed comedian joked about moving to Dublin in his first show since the assault.

                            Michael McIntyre jokes he will move to Dublin after moped gang attack in London
Michael McIntyre (Source:Getty Images)

After falling victim to a violent moped attack earlier this week, famed comedian Michael McIntyre joked about "moving to Dublin" in his first show since the assault.

On Thursday night, the 42-year-old comic took the stage at the Irish capital's 3Arena in a rather defiant mood.

"It’s great to be here, in fact, I’m moving here, f*** London," the comedian cracked."

"It hasn’t been a great week. But I’m okay, we’re okay."

On Monday, McIntyre picked up his 10-year-old son and was almost reaching his residence in Hampstead, North London, when the muggers attacked.

Before running away with his $20,000 Rolex watch, the two robbers on the moped smashed the window of McIntyre's $161,000 Range Rover with a hammer, scaring the father-son duo out of their wits.

"I could have done with you, 9,000 Dubliners, 'We have got your back, coming out of the trees, who do you think you are?"' he said as he addressed his Irish audience.

He reflected, "Unfortunately I had to fend for myself and it did not go well."

"Think the film Taken, with Liam Neeson."

In the movie Taken, a CIA agent traveling across Europe saves his kidnapped daughter using his old skills as an operative.

"People have been so nice, saying time is a great healer. Yeah, but I don’t know what time it is, as I’ve lost my f****** watch."

While McIntyre admitted that he had second thoughts about doing his comeback show, he wasted no time in using the incident to light up his script.

"I’m going to be honest with you, it was touch & go whether I came here. But I’m so glad I did."

Several fans were skeptical whether the wealthy comedian would go ahead with the Dublin edition of his Big World Tour after the onslaught.

However, during a conversation with Daily Mail yesterday, the 42-year-old assured that he was feeling much better.

"The show must go on", he said, when asked about the show in Ireland. In typical style he cracked a gag about his own terrifying ordeal, adding, "I'm not sure if I'm going to arrive there on time, but I'm going to get a new watch later."

What's more? As McIntyre jumped into his car yesterday, he showed off his brand new wristwatch that he bought to replace the stolen item.

Currently, the comedian is in the middle of his 104-date Big World Tour, which started in 2017 in Malta.

Before the tour concludes in November, McIntyre, whose estimated worth is around $52 million, is scheduled to perform 22 more gigs.

McIntyre consoled and comforted his horrified sons after the assault, witnesses reported.

One onlooker told the Daily Mail, "The guy at the front of the moped started to hit the driver's window about 10 to 15 times and it eventually just cracked.
 "He opens the door and gets Michael McIntyre out of the car. Michael fell but he was still trying to put up a fight.

"I just remember one of the bikers trying to get something. I don't know what the guy was trying to get - a watch, a wallet, maybe?"

The moped gang hammered his luxury car's new window over 15 times, according to the comedian, reported The Telegraph.

He said, "I’m feeling better. We’re carrying on, but I could do with not driving this car at the minute. Anyway, it’s all fixed."

A nearby witness who saw the entire incident spoke to Daily Mail on condition of anonymity, describing the assault as "shocking."

He further explained, "They pulled up to his car as it was stopped by the side of the road near to some traff­ic lights, which were green."

"They smashed the window which clearly startled Michael as it would anyone — then he jumped out the passenger’s side and they followed him around."

"When he was out of the car they were shouting at him and he flinched as if preparing for a hit, then cowered."

"Michael just stood there in shock and then comforted his son. It was terrifying to see, so I can’t imagine how they must have felt."

Authorities were called to the scene on North End Road on Monday just before 2 pm, reported Metropolitan Police.

The comedian remembered, "I was in the car, I couldn’t get it started, it’s meant to be flight or fight, it was just – freeze. I couldn’t get the car started."

As the widely popular comic left his north London home to perform his Dublin gig, he was all smiles in front of the photographers waiting outside.

"Morning, lads," he said to photographers waiting outside his home. "Drama is all over and now it's back to work. Have a great day."

The stand-up comic also hosts the Saturday night entertainment series Michael McIntyre's Big Show.

The 42-year-old reportedly earned upwards of $28 million in his 2012 UK tour, during which he performed for over 700,000 people in 71 different venues including 10 nights at London's O2 arena.