Colorado man found dancing nude in park after killing woman in 134 mph hit-and-run crash sentenced to 30 years

Colorado man found dancing nude in park after killing woman in 134 mph hit-and-run crash sentenced to 30 years

A Colorado man who was found dancing naked at a park hours after his reckless driving was responsible for a four-car crash that resulted in the death of a woman has been sentenced.

The 27-year-old Tyler White pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and menacing for the October 2016 murder of 28-year-old Ariel Berryman last April, according to a press release by the Denver District Attorney's Office.

The Daily Mail reported that White was arrested on October 10, 2016, after he was found skinny dipping and dancing in a lake in Denver's City Park just two hours after he was involved in a hit-and-run crash that killed Berryman.

White was speeding along the Colorado Boulevard at around 6.40 pm that same night when he slammed into a silver Toyota Prius at Interstate 70. The impact immediately killed the driver of the car, Berryman, with the Office of the Medical Examiner determining that she died of blunt force injuries.


After he slammed into the 28-year-old's Prius, he ran into an Acura and struck a cement barrier, following which he hit a street light and hurtled into a Volkswagen, which, in turn, slammed into a fence and a parked van.

When his near-destroyed white Dodge Charger came to a halt, he got out of the vehicle and fled the scene on foot, somehow making his way to the Denver City Park, where fisherman saw him swimming naked and dancing on top of a fountain in the middle of the lake.

He was detained after eyewitnesses saw him swimming to shore and collapsing.  Data downloaded from his car by the police showed he had been traveling at 134 mph — which was more than four times higher than the legal speed limit on Colorado Boulevard.

Following his arrest, White admitted to his role in the deadly crash. He also said he had been smoking marijuana a few hours prior to the accident, though he insisted that it was "already out of my system" and that he wasn't driving while stoned. 


Court documents filed in connection to the case stated that White had "demonstrated through his driving actions an attitude of universal malice manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life and knowingly engaged in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to a person."

He was initially charged with counts of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and first-degree murder, but ultimately pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

White was sentenced to 30 years behind bars on June 28. He has also agreed to pay $9,500 in restitution.


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