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Man kills 2 teens after they trespassed on his property, but experts say 'Make My Day law' may not apply

A homeowner in Colorado shot two young boys after they broke into his backyard, the boys were rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead
Two juveniles were killed while trespassing a house in Northglenn, Colorado (screenshot 9News/Youtube)
Two juveniles were killed while trespassing a house in Northglenn, Colorado (screenshot 9News/Youtube)

NORTHGLENN, COLORADO: The Northglenn Police Department reported that two youngsters were shot dead after breaking into a house's backyard on the afternoon of October 2. It is suspected that the incident is related to a burglary close by when the juveniles were killed while trespassing into private property. 

According to the police, officers went to the 11600 block of Pearl Street which is south of the intersection of 120th Avenue and Washington Street, at 2 pm on reports of trespass and felony menacing. Upon their arrival, they discovered two boys who had been shot. The youngsters were rushed to the hospital, where they were eventually pronounced dead, according to the Northglenn Police Department as reported by 9News. At the moment, the identities of the deceased are not revealed. Police found numerous gunshot casings in the backyard of the house where the incident occurred. According to authorities, the two boys were unsuccessful in entering the house. Investigators think the two kids broke a fence to get into the backyard and then the homeowner came over to talk to them before the shooting started. Additionally, detectives verified that the shooting was connected to a nearby robbery.


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The homeowner may get away with killing two trespassing boys as per the self defense laws in Colorado (Photo credit screenshot 9News/Youtube)
The homeowner may get away with killing two trespassing boys as per the self-defense laws in Colorado (screenshot 9News/Youtube)

Police officials claimed that the homeowner was complying with their inquiries as they obtained a warrant to search the house on the night of October 2. Whether the homeowner will face any charges is unknown, the Northglenn police mentioned to 9News. The boys never entered the house, according to legal expert Scott Robinson of 9News, therefore the so-called "Make My Day law" in Colorado which permits individuals to use lethal force against intruders, does not apply to the homeowner in this situation. Robinson, though, claimed that the state's rules on self-defense would still allow the homeowner to avoid charges. "You can't use deadly force to protect mere property," Robinson said. "If you reasonably believe that you need to use deadly force to protect yourself from serious bodily injury or death, you are free to use deadly force and need not retreat." After a thorough investigation, the police will decide if the homeowner is subject to any charges for shooting down the boys who abruptly entered his property. 

Apart from evaluating the details of this case, the authorities also need to draw the connection between the incident which has a relation to a break-in that happened nearby. The inquiry is still in progress with the 17th Judicial District Attorney's Office as the intention of the two unidentified youngsters that were shot dead is yet to be known.