Netflix's ‘Country Ever After’: How 'super team' Coffee Anderson and wife Criscilla's love beat cancer

Netflix's ‘Country Ever After’: How 'super team' Coffee Anderson and wife Criscilla's love beat cancer
Country Ever After (Netflix)

Everyone should take a leaf from country singer Coffee Anderson and wife Criscilla Anderson's outlook on life as this power couple refuse to break down or give up when life gets hard and scary. Now, with three young children between them, the couple is facing Criscilla’s stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis, together.

“Made it to Spain to accompany this champion to treatments this week,” Anderson posted on Instagram next to a photo with Criscilla. “She’s so positive, so focused, and excited for a new week of treatments. These treatments will test the body and mind. That’s where I come in,” he said, referring to his popular song: “I’ll be the tacos, she’ll be the Margaritas. We are a team.”

Criscilla, 39, a choreographer and dancer who has appeared in music videos with Katy Perry and Rhianna, was first diagnosed in 2018. After a brief remission, Criscilla reported a stage 4 metastatic colon cancer diagnosis in November 2019. “I don’t think it’s curable. It’s treatable, but not curable,” this is what this doctor had to say and Coffey and Criscilla’s life was once again put into an emotional tailspin. 

The two have come together as a couple for a very special project based on their life titled ‘Country Ever After.’ It is a Netflix documentary in which they narrate their story of love, strength, and faith as Criscilla combats life-threatening Cancer. On the lighter side, they also talk about their contrasting personalities and how it has impacted the upbringing of their three kids.

Before cancer took over their life in their California home, the pair were like any other couple with big dreams. Criscilla was a budding actress, choreographer and dancer, while Coffey was utilizing his music talents to lead worship at various churches. Renowned for his interactive stage performances, the country artist rose to fame independent of any record label.

The country musician met the love of his life first met at a church through mutual friends and began dating in 2008.  One year later, they were married. Interestingly, Criscilla Crossland turned out to be the polar opposite of Coffey, as she is a hip-hop dancer and choreographer but Coffey fell head over heels in love with her beautiful personality. She, too, was extremely attracted to his old school-charm, so much so that she gladly took on the role of a step-mother to Savannah Jean Anderson, Coffey’s daughter from his previous marriage. 

Coffey’s happy family life boosted his career as he signed a record deal with the Los Angeles label ‘Dream Records.’ His album ‘Coffey Anderson’ released on September 28, 2010, and made it to the prestigious US Billboard 200 albums chart. Criscilla continued her passion and vocation of dancing. The couple welcomed their first born in 2011 and named him Ethan Coffey-David Anderson. Cherishing every moment with him, they decided to further their family and Criscilla gave birth to two daughters, Emmarie Grace-Gloria and Everleigh Anderson in 2013 and 2017, respectively. Everything in this couple’s life was going perfectly when in 2018, Criscilla started noticing the first signs of cancer. 

“When you say that you will be there for each other through thick and thin and through sickness and health, you have to mean it,” Coffey, 40, said to People Magazine. “There are a lot of moments that you can never prepare for. I mean, I never thought I would be helping Criscilla brush her teeth or get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. But we are willing to do it for each other. Each of us are giving 100 percent.”

The mother-of-three would often find herself doubled over in pain, trying her best to endure the stomach pains that would hit her out of nowhere, and then eventually subside.

“As a mom, you always feel like you don’t have the time to deal with things like this,” reflects Criscilla. “But there came a point when I couldn’t ignore it anymore.” 
At the tender age of 10, Coffey had lost his mother due to the same disease, and to see his wife suffering because of the same thing, traumatized him. Criscilla’s strength is the constant reassurance of her husband and their children, who have witnessed her painful journey for the past two years. 

Season 1 of 'Country Ever After' is coming on Netflix on November 6.

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