'Cobra Kai' star Martin Kove thought he could 'fix' film scripts through his performance, but later realized his strategy was flawed

The 73-year-old star spoke to MEAWW about his evolution as an actor, the projects he took up and how his experiences shaped his decisions later on in his acting career

                            'Cobra Kai' star Martin Kove thought he could 'fix' film scripts through his performance, but later realized his strategy was flawed

It has been a great 2019 so far for Martin Kove.

'The Karate Kid' star made a comeback in the second season of 'Cobra Kai', the martial arts dramedy, which was a staggering hit on YouTube Premium. He will next be seen in Joe Begos' V.F.W., an action-horror, followed by Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a time in Hollywood'.  Kove has had a decorated career in Hollywood with a distinguished list of movies under his belt. While he is predominantly known for action-oriented roles, Kove has also dabbled with different genres that include comedy, horror, and drama.

But it all didn't come easy and in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), the 73-year-old spoke about his evolution as an actor. "I had a lot of things going back then...  'Cagney and Lacey' and 'The Karate Kid', 'Rambo' and there were just a lot of projects. Each movie gives you a new perspective," he explained.

Kove admitted that there were traces of arrogance back then and he's matured a lot over the years. " You have a different point of view then and twenty five-thirty years later, you're a lot more mature and you're not as arrogant."

Kove as Sensei John Kreese in 'The Karate Kid' (IMDb)

"Back in those days,  I would take scripts and I thought I could fix them. They were just okay scripts and okay movies, and I would think I could pick them because I like the part and I thought, well... I'll just give a really good performance and that will enhance the movie and it never did," he admitted. 

"I was always kidding myself," he added, saying that he had done a lot of movies that way. 

Kove admitted that he learned a lot from those early experiences and is currently proud of where he is. "Probably because you would never do it now," he remarked. "It's better to be remembered for saying five lines in a good movie than have the leading role in a movie that nobody goes to." He is currently done shooting for V.F.W. and will start prepping for season 3 of 'Cobra Kai' which is set for a September 2020 release.

'Cobra Kai' Seasons 1 and 2  are available for streaming on YouTube Premium. 

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