CNN cuts from live Amy Coney Barrett hearing to focus on Covid-19, Internet calls it an 'entertainment channel'

CNN cuts from live Amy Coney Barrett hearing to focus on Covid-19, Internet calls it an 'entertainment channel'
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Most major networks across the US showed the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings for POTUS Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. However, CNN chose to cut the hearings short and switched to focusing on the coronavirus pandemic. At around 9.30 am, CNN had stopped showing the hearing that was occurring on Capitol Hill and instead went on show Governor Andrew Cuomo's targeting orthodox Jewish communities in New York, Daily Wire reports. 

The decision made by CNN raised a lot of eyebrows across social media after cutting away from the hearing very early on. The hearing is unlike any Supreme Court hearing in the past with Barrett sporting a black face mask, maintaining social distancing as senators provided their opening statements. 

The news event had been covered by MSNBC as well as Fox News while CNN decided to reduce their coverage of the session. The managing editor for NewsBusters Curtis Houck spoke to Fox News and shared, "Aside from missing out on partisan commentaries from Senators that could just as easily be delivered by Brianna Keilar or Anderson Cooper, it's sadly not surprising that CNN has shown little interest in the hearing."

"It's as if the hearing hasn't been going on this morning. Just as soon as the statements from Chairman Graham and Ranking Member Feinstein concluded, CNN bailed. And then it was back to their predictable drivel, trying to strike fear into the hearts of viewers on coronavirus and offer newscasts that are in-kind donations to the Biden campaign," Houck shared. 

DailyWire states that while the rest of the networks were airing the hearing, CNN was suggesting Trump could be a “down-ballot drag” during the election. It noted that CNN’s coverage of this event, at the most, included its reporters discussing the hearings without actually showing them. Eventually, CNN aired some remarks made by vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris and proceeded to cut away again. 

Many social media users took to Twitter to slam CNN. One such user shared, "They should be tagged off from being a new channel to entertainment channel." Another user had added, "Means they spent a month in board rooms spitballing ideas about how to destroy her and came up with NOTHING. You can't lose if you don't play, I guess. Doesn't mean you're not a loser, CNN. @ChrisCuomo @donlemon @brianstelter @andersoncooper @JohnKingCNN@JohnBerman."

One even declared the 'death' of the news channel, tweeting: "I think we can officially call "time of death" on CNN as a news network, with them not showing the Barrett hearings."







Another social media user chimed in and shared, "So hold up... the same CNN that spent all Sunday obsessed with asking Biden’s team about court packing isn’t even airing the SCOTUS hearings live? The one that’s being rushed through against the will of the people? Jeff Zucker is gonna do everything he can to help Trump again."

Yet another user who echoed the same sentiments added, "CNN will tell you all day, everyday what a danger Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to SCOTUS is to the American people. She is such a danger, why is CNN not showing the hearings? Wouldn’t they want to show their audience what a danger she is. No. This way the can spin it."





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