'CMA Best of Fest': Country music fans wish 'things were back to normal' as they miss seeing show live

'CMA Best of Fest': Country music fans wish 'things were back to normal' as they miss seeing show live
Carrie Underwood (Getty Images)

The Country Music Awards put their best on display tonight with their 'Best of Fest' and as fans enjoyed reliving some of their favorite country performances from the last decade, most couldn't help but shed a tear for the canceled music events of 2020.

As fans sang and danced along to their favorite country stars performing on TV, some fans shared that watching the show was "depressing because you can literally see the year when country music went to shit." Commentary on the state of country music aside, most fans were united in their feelings of sadness owing to missing getting to see music played live, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. "I miss country music concerts so here we are," shared one fan, while another said, "Let me know why the minute the best of CMA fest started l, I started tearing up because Luke Bryan was in a stadium all by himself talking about how we can’t have concerts."

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay performs onstage during the 53rd annual CMA Awards at the Music City Center on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee (Getty Images)

One fan stated, "Watching the #CMAfest and remembering the harsh reality that we won’t be attending concerts for a long time," another lamented, "This is literally just bumming me out because I wanted to go so badly this year," and several others noted how much the show was reminding them that they "miss live music events" and causing them to "ugly cry" because they were missing concert season. Others shared, "The things we took for granted at a Country Concert. Fun to watch. Reaching out high fives. Partying together," while some noted it was "weird seeing people so close together" and others joked, "@CMAFEST NO ONE'S WEARING A COVID19 PROTECTIVE MASK AT THAT EVENT."

Many found themselves wishing "things were back to normal," with some asking, "When the heck will life look that fun again? Everyone looks so happy." One viewer shared, "Singing right along w/every song on #CMAFest #BestofFest. But, admittedly, knowing this tradition & so many concerts can't happen this year puts a tear in my beer. Maybe I will just switch to #OneMargarita."

Luke Bryan performs on stage for day 4 of the 2019 CMA Music Festival on June 09, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee (Getty Images)

Others, however, chose to see the light at the end of the tunnel. "This was supposed to be my first year attending #CMAfest so watching the Best of CMA Fest is getting me ready for next year," shared one viewer, another said, "Thank you @CountryMusic for the #BestOfCMA Special. I'm literally in the dance and singing party in my living room... alone! But eh! It's one hell of a party... much much much needed a party!" and one shared, "Thank you Best of #CMAfest for bringing a little normalcy back to this crazy world!!"

Another viewer shared, "LOVING this #CMABestofFest right now!!!" adding, "It is bringing such great memories of seeing my favorite country artists and its making this summer a little brighter esp since all my shows have been postponed or canceled."

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