'CMA Best Of Fest': Garth Brooks's electrifying acoustic set from the 2017 event has fans waxing nostalgic

Garth Brooks performed a medley of seven songs, following host Luke Bryan's energetic performance of 'Country Girl' from the 2012 CMA Fest

                            'CMA Best Of Fest': Garth Brooks's electrifying acoustic set from the 2017 event has fans waxing nostalgic
Garth Brooks (Getty Images)

The 'CMA Best Of Fest' kicked off the ABC network on Monday night, July 13, featuring a retrospective country music showcase of some of the best televised CMA Fest performances from years gone by in Nashville. As the host for the evening, Luke Bryan, explained while standing in an empty Nissan Stadium, tonight was about reliving the best music and memories that the Country Music Association had brought fans over the past couple decades, while serving as a reminder that we all would once again be enjoying a live music experience in the near future, as soon the coronavirus pandemic settles down for good.  

Promo poster for the CMA's Two Nights of Country Music (Country Music Association)

Luke also featured on this country music showcase, as we got to relive his packed stadium performance of 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me)' from the 2012 CMA Fest. The country music star was in prime form that night, as his impassioned and energetic rendition rocked the boots off the crowd. As one fan on social media declared, "My biggest crush in my entire life is this man Luke Bryan." Another fan was quoting the lyrics from his 2011 hit: "Country Girl Shake it for me.... come on, come on, come on!" One fan also stated, "When I turned on #CMAfest and Luke Bryan's performance of Country Girl comes on... which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with country music all those years ago... Day made!"



Next up was a special seven-song medley from the country music icon Garth Brooks, who introduced his incredible set from the 2017 CMA Fest before the actual televised performance graced our screens. The seven-time CMA Entertainer of the Year Brooks reminisced fondly on the amazing experience, saying that as Kelsea Ballerini and Thomas Rhett announced his appearance, the crowd at the Nissan Stadium got so loud that he could barely hear anything above the din. Thankfully, as the musician strode out in a salmon-colored shirt with his acoustic guitar, he managed to hit his first line right on cue: "3:30 in the morning..." the first lyrics from his track 'The Thunder Rolls'.

Brooks had been a surprise guest at the CMA Fest that year, so it's no surprise the crowd got so wild that night. Some of the other songs that Brooks performed in his rousing 14-minute medley that night were 'Callin' Baton Rouge', 'That Summer' and 'The River', the latter had the crowd grooving and clapping along. Brooks also performed 'Ask Me How I Know', 'The Dance' and 'Friends in Low Places' towards the end of his crowd-pleasing set, as he walked around, exhorting the crowd like an excited preacher. "That’s Nashville, home of country music!" Brooks yelled at one point. "Are you kidding me?"



Folks on social media were also thrilled by Brooks's throwback performance, with one fan saying "I'll NEVER forget this phenomenal performance from the legend! Wow still gives me chills!" An admirer also declared, "All-time favorite so far probably, @garthbrooks thank you for an amazing performance. #CMAfest." One fan also said, "Garth still gets me crying when he sings 'The Dance'.”

Other fans waxed nostalgic, saying "Watching @garthbrooks on #CMAfest makes me realize how much I miss concerts, especially his." Another admirer said, "Watching @garthbrooks on #CMAfest longing for a Garth concert. Miss you, Garth. Can’t wait to have this view again."

Well, it's only a matter of waiting patiently now, so it's a good thing we have these incredible performances to keep us satiated till then. 

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