'Clyde Cooper' sneak peek: Jordi Vilasuso and Abigail Titmuss argue over mystery missing girl

'Clyde Cooper' sneak peek: Jordi Vilasuso and Abigail Titmuss argue over mystery missing girl

'Clyde Cooper', which is set to release on November 22 this year, is a mystery and thriller movie about Clyde Cooper, a private investigator. In the movie, he is hired by a huge tech investor to track down a missing girl who also happens to be the love of his life and is currently on the run. And while on the hunt for the mystery girl, Cooper finds himself running into strange women and weird characters till he finally finds more than what he is looking for.


Winner of around nine major film awards, including Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival and Best Indie Feature at the Los Angeles Film Awards, 'Clyde Cooper' is directed and written by Peter Daskaloff. The movie stars Jordi Vilasuso ('The Young and the Restless') as Clyde Cooper, Abigail Titmuss ('Days of Our Lives'), Richard Neil ('Prodigy'), Aria Sirvaitis ('Rosewood'), Joanna Fyllidou, Isabella Racco ('The Doll') and veteran actor Lou Wagner ('Planet of the Apes'). 

With just barely four weeks left for the release of the movie, Meaww obtained an exclusive sneak peek video from the movie. In the video, we witness Vilasuso and Titmuss having a heated argument as to where the mystery girl is and her identity.

Wanting him out of her house and her life, Titmuss is seen asking Vilasuso, who plays the detective, what he wants in order to leave, to which he replies, "You put me in touch with that girl." To this, she replies saying that she cannot do that. But that doesn't stop the detective as he continues to be stubborn about finding out whereto know where the mystery girl is. 

Watch the sneak peek video of 'Clyde Cooper' here: 


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